3x3 Eyes: Sanjiyan Henjō Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

She says: "I am the three-eyed."
He says: "Don't you want to take it out?"
Crete. There is a labyrinth.
Select a command.

FM Towns version

Title screen
Setup menu
Intro, the FM Towns version has voice acting
Animated cutscene
I think you are being watched
Start of the game
The main hero got hit by a baseball
When I said gimme a hand I didn't mean it literally
Options (system) menu

PC-98 version

Title screen
The crowded Tokyo subway...
The picture is so small because it's fully animated!
Our heroine, Pai
Such creatures are in our city...
The evil guys are scheming
The view area is composed of windows
When something occurs, a small animated segment is displayed in the upper right window

TurboGrafx CD version

Title screen
Tokyo subway station
Pai is sitting in the train...
A view of Tokyo
That's either a particularly angry elf, or a demon. I'll go with the second guess...
Yakumo can hardly open his eyes, but that doesn't prevent him from noticing everything
The hero is alone with the moon
Standard menu choices
When you talk to someone, you'll see his small portrait
Looking at various things in the bathroom
Yuck! That's a 3x3 Eyes game, what did you expect?
Off to the next chapter...
Winter vacation!
Meeting Pai
Snowy house
Pai and Yakumo take control of the situation
A romantic scene?
Looking at a map
Yakumo and Pai have nothing better to do during the night
Two sleeping girls... come on, Kenichi, maybe it's a hentai game, who knows?
When a young, innocent girl you barely know strips in front of you, you know it is either because of your irresistible sex appeal, or - more probably - because she is a demon who is about to kill youl