4 Elements II Screenshots

User Screenshots

iPad version

Playrix advertises they have lots of games to choose from.
Loading screen
Opening cinematic
More opening cinematic
A hidden object game. Collect all the parts for the four items at the bottom.
I've completed the spade so now I can remove the sand.
I completed the gear and now I need to put the correct gears in the correct places.
This will play tones and light up the crystals. I need to repeat the tones.
Magic restored!
The first page of the book is Pegasus.
Entering level 1
Playing through level 1
Level complete
Maybe it is time to call a spade a spade.
I need to rotate the pipes so the power will flow through.
Now I need to decipher each riddle and locate that item.
Level complete
The fairy is letting you know, the more restored pages, the more power.
The next page is the Fairy.
Entering level 5
This is level 5, with the ice blocks.
The image has changed a little.
Because this is the 'try-before-you-buy' version, that last screenshot is as far as I can get.

iPhone version

Playrix advertises that they have lots of games to choose from.
Loading screen
Opening cinematic
Title and main menu

Windows version

Playrix Entertainment splash screen
Big Fish Games splash screen
Game loading screen
Main Menu
Options screen
The Air Fairy's hidden object game
A mini-game inside the hidden object game. Most of these are pretty easy.
Each creature's picture changes as tile levels are solved. The description is also scrambled, like in the first game.
Each level begins with a map. You can refer to it while solving the level.
The Spade power-up is available now. Charge it up by matching enough green tiles.
A simple pipe puzzle inside an early tile-matching level.
Timer is on the right side.
The 2nd fairy's hidden object game.
Level 36 showing a much larger pipe puzzle. Notice the arrow at the bottom. It shows you the way at all times.
Rotate the pieces of the ring so the energy will flow through.
A slider-type puzzle. Slide the stone blocks around until you have a path for the energy river.
Find the differences between these two pictures.
End of the level with the "altar" and sluice gate "beacon" locks.
A jigsaw mini-game
This is an unusual puzzle. Rearrange the pegs to free to book inside.
Rearrange the books on the shelves by matching up the symbols.
The Achievements screen
Find specific objects using the clues.