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4 Elements

4 Elements Screenshots

iPad version

Playrix wants you to know they make lots of games
Loading screen
Title and main menu
Opening story
All the books of magic are locked. The fairy is your guide.
You start each overall chapter with a hidden object scene.
I have opened the chest.
I have recovered the key to the book of Earth Magic.
Playing level 1
Level complete
The fairy will bring in your stats.
We have unlocked part of the image and unscrambled part of the text.
The Dwarf image is complete.
A spot-the-difference puzzle.
Level complete
Next image: Knight of Earth
Info about the spade power-up
Spot the difference with the Knight of Earth
The Knight of Earth image and text are complete.
Next image to work on is the Earth Dragon.
Info about the bomb power-up
I ran out of time
The fairy is pointing out what I already know.
Showing the map

4 Elements Screenshots

iPhone version

Naturally, Playrix has to advertise their other games
Title and main menu
Opening story
The fairy will give you info about thew four element books.
A hidden object area, to start.
I have found all the parts to the key and have unlocked the chest.
I have opened the back wall. We're nearly done.
I have retrieved the key for the book of Earth Magic.
The book of Earth Magic is free.
Playing the first level.
Level complete
The fairy brings in the stats.

4 Elements Screenshots

J2ME version

Title screen
Main menu
Introduction story
One of the four books
First hidden object puzzle
Using the hint feature to find the last piece
Level completed
Time for some gem swapping

4 Elements Screenshots

Windows version

Loading screen
Main menu
The four books
First room puzzle
The book key
First level
Level statistics
Stones can't be matched.
The arrow is activated when the mana flow hits it.
Spot-the-difference mini-game.
Knight level
Several arrows activated at once.
Level 6
Another spot-the-difference game
Dragon level
This is one of the pages from an elemental book of magic. As each tile puzzle is completed the picture becomes more complete and the words are decoded