4x4 Evo 2 Screenshots

User Screenshots

GameCube version

Title Screen
Intro Movie
Racing on a clear autumn morning.
Collision detection is way off.
Some tracks are particularly tight.
Cruising along the beach.
Don't miss the gates!
Some of the scenery is fairly decent.
Many of the tracks are much more open than in the previous game.
Your truck can get dirty, but not damaged.
Replay Mode
Racers are not welcome here!
The suspensions are articulated approximately like the real thing.
More desert racing.
Clear the boulder
It's Egypt!
Some tracks have moving hazards.
Wrong Turn!
In the garage
Mission Mode
Exploring Skull Island
Avoid going underwater.
Objective Complete

Windows version

3,2,1 launch!
I have always wanted to take part in beach race
This camera angle looks like cop chase in reality tv
Hood camera, my favorite
Replay mode - Driver close-up
Egypt looks great
Military helicopter is chasing me!
Same old (but nicer) track by Terminal Reality
Pyramids, don't even think about climbing on them
Rainy day on dirt track
Secret base, I would like to change my vehicle
This track takes us everywhere
Great landmark, now i know that i am not lost
No, this is not my opponent
From now on, I will deny everything
Intro Movie
Title Screen
Main Menu
Car Shop
Mission Briefing
Mission Map
Mission Completed
Race Statistics