50 Mission Crush Screenshots

User Screenshots

Apple II version

Names for your 10 man crew
Mission #1 target St. Omer
Climbing to altitude
Battle map of targets
Flak direct hit on engine #1
Over target bombs away
Landing back in England
Mission evaluation
One (1) mission down 49 more to go!
Target Amiens in cloud cover
Fighter cover has hit engine #4 and on fire
ME-110 attacks from head on and is shot down by B-17 ball gunner
Heavy Flak
Over Amiens - Bombs away
In formation damaged and heading back across channel
Crash upon return - Killing our engineer
Six (6) missions complete - new engineer
Long range bombing raid on sub pens - fighters swarm us over water near target plane goes down!
Lieutenant Moby - Awarded the Purple Heart

Atari 8-bit version

Pilot and 9 man crew names
Mission 1
Theater map
Plane stats
Leaving England coast
Fighters already - shoot from positions of plane - limited ammo
Bandits - Ball gunner is out of ammo
Closing on target fuel state is still OK
More bandits - wounded Navigator
Near target HEAVY FLAK
Flak burst right on the nose.... almost kills Bombardier
Still taking flak - #1 Engine damage
Engine could flame
Salvo release - even the bomb release has damage - Bombardier is dead
Egress from target the flak increases - wing damage
Still taking damage during egress from target
Fuel state good - Bombardier dead - but bombs on target
Safe return landing in England
Mission summary - Now just 49 more like that one... piece of cake!

Commodore 64 version

game screen
Title screen #1
Title screen #2
Crew creation
Take-off sequence
Plane overview statistics

DOS version

Title screen
Taking off.