7 Wonders of the Ancient World Screenshots

User Screenshots

iPad version

Main menu
Map showing your progress
The Hanging Gardens of Babylon

Nintendo DS version

Title Screen
A variety of stages are available to unlock
The storyline fits the name perfectly
Puzzle action plays out on the bottom screen, leaving the top screen open for tips and your workers.
Your moves in the puzzle help your workers build the structures.

PSP version

Main menu
World map in story mode
The Great Pyramid of Giza construction scheme
Userfriendly tutorial
When you destroy blocks under runes, workers will pick them up from the ground.
Industrial accident...
Small historical information about Wonders
Some help about “how to match gems”.
If you have no more moves in the story mode, you don’t lose, the field just reloads.
Complete Mausoleum at Halicarnassus
The Great Pyramid of Giza construction in Rune mode
High scores
Some boards have metal blocks that require 2 matches to destroy them.

Windows version

Loading screen
Main menu
Gyza piramid introduction
First level
This power-up destroys a row of runes.
Workers demanding some quarry.
Gyza complete
Hanging gardens of Babylon
Hanging gardens start
Babylonian gameboard
Hanging gardens complete
Temple of Artemis
Greek board
Temple complete
Statue of Zeus
Statue start
Statue level almost complete
Statue complete
Mausoleum start
When it's impossible to make a new move, the game replaces the runes.
Colossus of Rhodes
Bonus and cornerstone on the conveyor belt