The 7th Guest Screenshots

User Screenshots

DOS version

Title Screen
A piece of the mystery
The Library
The beginning of a puzzle
Nearing the solution of the puzzle...
A piece of the mystery unraveled
Partial map of the house
Dining room
Cake puzzle
Spiders puzzle
Bishops puzzle
Heart puzzle

iPad version

Game save
Foyer - game start
Library - double tap magnifier
Cake puzzle
Kitchen - Soup face cutscene
Crypt puzzle
Queens puzzle
Bed Spread puzzle
Bishops puzzle
Heart puzzle
Library - cutscene of guests
Cards puzzle
Coins puzzle
Chapel - Skeleton playing pipe organ
Laboratory - Microscope
Toy Room
Toy Room - Flip puzzle
Doll house
Doll house - blocks puzzle
Knights puzzle
Bath room spiders in sink drain
Painting Gallery
Stauf's Face puzzle
Attic stairway
Attic - house puzzle
Back of attic - Stauf's final scene
Game over

iPhone version

Upstairs Hallway - hands picture
Main menu
Game save
1st Floor map
iOS 7th Guest help
Library - Touch interface magnifier
Telescope puzzle
Dining Room
Cake puzzle
Kitchen Cans puzzle
Bed Spread puzzle
Bishops puzzle
Game Room - cutscene
Heart puzzle
Crypt puzzle
Bedroom - Coins puzzle
Toy Room
Toy Room - Flip puzzle
Bathroom - Knights puzzle
Bath Room cutscene
Music Room

Macintosh version

Game start - The Grand staircase
Dinning room
Cake puzzle
Sitting area off the foyer
The library room
Telescope in library - puzzle icon
Telescope puzzle starting
The Fireplace in the library
Long hallway upstairs
The stained glass in foyer
In game menu
Map of 1st floor downstairs
Map of 2nd floor bedrooms
The music room and piano
One of the many bedrooms
Coins puzzle
Bath room
Chess knights on bathroom tiles puzzle
Another bedroom
Rug puzzle
The toy room
Toy blocks puzzle
The chapel room
Tile pit puzzle in chapel
Game save with 7th guest Ouija spelling out your save

Windows version

Turban = Evil Magician
Click To see..
Word Puzzle
8 Queens
The Beckoning.
Bed Spread puzzle
Messing around in the Kitchen
Goat Head!
Brains in a jar
Grim visage
Ghosts meeting.
Skeleton at the organ
Rosemary's Baby?
Talking soup head