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Win3.x Version?

eXo (299) on May 02, 2013

This site lists a Win3.x version and even has screen shots for one, however my copy of the cd specifically says For Windows 95. The version of quicktime on the disc is qt32, which is incompatible with Nine.

I installed quicktime 2.12 (the last version that worked with 3.x), and the game still did not run.

So either there was a whole different disc pressed with qt16 support, or this game is not win3.x compatible, and the screenshots on the site are simply win95 and mislabeled.

Anyone got any ideas on this?

Re: Win3.x Version?

vedder (33838) on May 02, 2013

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I have this idea:

So yes, it looks like there's a different press for the game which supports Windows 3.x

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Re: Win3.x Version?

eXo (299) on May 03, 2013

good catch =) Time to get searching... people on eBay don't generally list such things.