A Dwarf's Story Credits

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ProducersPavel Poltoratskiy, Pavel Elyashevich
Executive producersYaroslav Anufriev, Denis Kholodov
Game designDenis Kholodov, Olga Miredelina, Yaroslav Anufriev
Engineer (lead)Alexander Kalinin
EngineerPetr Lapko (Peter Lapko)
Artist (lead)Olga Miredelina
ArtistsNatasha Puzireva, Zoya Fedotova, Svetlana Osipova
QA ManagerSerafim Akimov
Music composed byAlexey Yarkin
Sound designIgor Brichko
AccountantLilia Suni
Special thanksSvetlana Kholodova
This game was built using thePlayground SDK™

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Credits for this game were contributed by LepricahnsGold (128175)