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Back of Box - DOS (US):
    There's something very strange going on. It's as if you are living through your worst nightmare and unable to wake up. Won't anyone let you in on the terrible secret that haunts your waking moments.

    Why has Jimmy Blandford taken to drinking - has he experienced the powerful forces of darkness?

    Why has your father, the dutiful local Vicar, neglected his parish without any apparent reason?

    Why did your mother invite you to stay for the weekend, then disappear without a word?

    What unspeakable horrors await you behind the closed doors of the old burnt out manor house?

    Are you ready to meet a vampire and do battle with a crazed hound sent straight from hell?

    Are you ready to be terrified beyond your wildest dreams?

    PERSONAL NIGHTMARE IS NOT JUST AN ADVENTURE BUT A NEW EXPERIENCE. Good clean inoffensive Horror. Written in our specially developed language 'Agos'. The adventure boasts more than 500 sequences of animation, 600k of digitised sound, plus a greater depth and intrigue than has been seen before in any other interactive adventure.

    The screen shots depict the player in the warmth and comfort of the "Dog & Duck" where he hears a screech of breaks (Pic.1). The incident viewed from outside the "Dog & Duck" would show Jimmy Blandford to be a victim of a hit and run (Pic. 2). The local Policeman, Sgt. Jefferson, at the time of the accident would be patrolling his beat in the village (Pic. 3).

    The whole game is active no matter where you are in the adventure - Continuing your very own Personal Nightmare.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76593) on May 09, 2007.