...A Personal Nightmare Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Horrorsoft credits
Game start
Room objects
Kitchen at night
Church exterior
Church exterior at night
Church interior
Church pulpit
Church statue
Church bell
Church bell at night
Cemetery at night
Child's bedroom
Bedroom and mirror
Gas station
Village registrar
Post office exterior
Post office interior
Ivy house
Evil presence
Roses and birdhouse
Mansion gates
Dilapidated manor house
The bar is closed in the morning.

Atari ST version

From the intro: your father just minutes before he dies.
Title screen
Insert disc 2...
The starting location: inside the local pub
Your inventory
Outside the pub
A ruined house and and angry gardener
A typical village house
An accident or foul play?
Game over (strangled to death)

DOS version

Title Screen
Intro Screen
Menu Screen
At The Inn
The Kids Room
The Dark Room
In The Dresser
In The Bathroom
The Fabled Vicarage