A Question of Sport Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title Screen
Choose Your Question Block
Choosing Team Members

Amstrad CPC version

Title Screen
Choosing team members
What's right, what's wrong?
I was right! Yippie!
My opponents question
Choose a card to determine what question I'll get.

Atari ST version

The title screen
The opening Picture Board round
I know this one's Exeter
Mystery Guest round
Not much to say to this....
They're all years the soccer World Cup happened
I don't know, but he's got the best name
David Coleman asking A Question. Of Sport, natch
Picture Board near the end
The game finishes 23-23

BBC Micro version

Initial loading screen and copyright message
Main loading screen
Main title page where can choose a 1 or 2 player game
Choosing your team members
The beginning

Commodore 64 version

Select no. of players
Choose specialist subject
Select team members
At the start of the game, you need to select a question block
Welcome to the Picture Board game
You have limited time to answer each question
Correct for one point
Damn! Incorrect
The scores so far: Player 1 - 6 points, Player 2 - Nil
The Home or Away round

DOS version

Title Screen (EGA).
Title Screen (CGA).
Main Menu (EGA).
Main Menu (CGA).
The Game Begins (EGA).
Choosing the Correct Answer (EGA).

ZX Spectrum version

This screen is displayed as the game loads
Its replaced by this screen where the player is asked to choose a 1 or a 2 player game. Here a one player game has been selected and the player must choose their specialist subject from the icons
Player 1 chooses their team members from the pictures on display, then the computer - who plays as the other team captain, selects its specialist subject and two team mates
The player then selects which question set is to be used following which there is a pause while the game searches for and loads that question set
After what could be a long wait the Question of Sport logo is displayed over scrolling credits
The game starts just like the show "Hello my name is David and welcome to A Question of Sport"
David then introduces the teams and their pictures appear as he names each one, on the left is Ian Botham, Tracey and Gary
On the right is Bill Beaumont, Craig and Jane
The first round is the picture board round. Tracey gets to go first. One of the squares is displayed in red. The player moves the active square around the grid and selects a number
The picture is revealed and she's got a horse racing question. All six team members get to choose a picture square like this.
David asks the question in a scrolling text box "Which rider jumped a record 7ft 7.75ins in the Paris Puissance in 1983?" The player scores 2 points for a correct answer
Four possible answers are displayed while a countdown timer unwinds on screen. The player selects their answer and presses fire
If, as in this case the incorrect answer was given the opposing team gets a chance to answer for 1 point.
David then announces that round 2 is the Mystery Personality round and for three points asks Ian's team a question
Which footballer made his debut at the Montreal Olympics. he was later to appear in both the 1972 & 1982 world cups. Again four possible answers are displayed
Round 3 is the Home or Away round. Here team members are asked questions on their specialist subject, for 1 point, or a random subject for 2 points. David explains this via his text box
Tracey goes first again and this is the screen where Home or Away is chosen. Questions are asked as shown above. All six team members take part
The next round is the "What Happened Next round". Its a team round with one 2 point question per team
The player(s) must select their answer from this screen. If the incorrect answer is given the opposing team can try to answer but for only 1 point
The next round is the Quickfire round in which each team is asked a series if questions and must answer as many as possible in 45 seconds
This is the only place in the game where a penalty is given, two seconds are taken from the 45 allowed for an incorrect answer.
The final round ia a return to the picture board - which uses up all the remaining squares, after this David announces the winning team and the game's credits are displayed