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    A-Sock-Ellipse Now! is the next game in the award-winning Pea-Guy series and is the result of a year-long programming contest ran by Astral Entertainment. Follow the adventures of Pea-Guy through 3 new, complete, commercial-quality games. Features include:
    • An original style of gameplay for every game!
    • A unique 3D world to explore for every game!
    • A storyline in every game featuring the hero Pea-Guy!
    • High quality graphics and sound, a unique "look" for every game!
    • Plus an exclusive mini-movie featuring Pea-Guy!

    A-Sock-Ellipse Now! is 3 fun-filled adventures:

    In The Magic Land Pea-Guy and his friends are teleported to a land filled with knights and wizards. Now Pea-Guy, The Mortuator, Leah Silverberg and Uncle Patches must go on a quest to defeat the Wizard-King Magico the Great and rescue their friends. The Magic Land features unique gameplay, mixing a console style RPG with a third person action/strategy game. Seamlessly change from controlling Pea-Guy as he wanders to tactically controlling the entire party in battle. TML is also very easy to get into and controls are similar to any PC shooter mixed with mouse controlled menus. The easy-to-play interface and unique style make The Magic Land a game for both RPG newbies and veterans.

    In The Secret of Coolness the Nasty Lord WitchyWitch is ordered to kill Pea-Guy, but instead she steals his sunglasses so that she can be cool. Now Pea-Guy must go on an adventure to get them back. The Secret of Coolness plays similar to the old Pea-Guy games, in other words a simple puzzle of pushing down all the buttons must be completed while avoiding and shooting Nasties, but in an entirely 3D environment. In addition there are excellent animated cinemas between levels that tell the humorous story as you progress. This game is easy to learn and get into, even for children, and as you play it you will want to complete it to discover the Secret of Coolness.

    In Defeating Dr. Robotica Pea-Guy goes on an all-out assault on Dr. Robotica's castle and factory while facing many difficult challenges, especially the Nasty Robots of Dr. Robotica's own creation. Defeating Dr. Robotica is an action-packed shooter where you fight many different types of enemies, from old-fashioned Chompies to walking cannons, often at the same time, and can collect a wide variety of weapons from the basic sword to the highly advanced "shooties". The controls are simple and you can get into the game and start the action almost immediately, in addition difficulty can be adjusted for all levels of player.

    Also, with the full version you get The Search for Kodoe, a mini-movie where Pea-Guy and The Mortuator travel to Kan's tower to save The Mortuator's long-lost, horribly-burnt, half-stupid brother Kodoe. Includes exclusive footage of The Mortuator wrestling!

    Every game also features excellent 3D graphics and the attention to plot that makes the Pea-Guy series unique. A-Sock-Ellipse Now! is suitable for both adults and children of all ages.

    Contributed by Jeanne (76526) on Jan 24, 2004.