Aa Harimanada Screenshots

User Screenshots

Game Gear version

Title screen
The opponents exchange a few words before the fight.
Entering the ring
The fight is about to begin.
That did not turn so well.
In your face!

Genesis version

Title screen
Main menu
Intro cutscene
Password screen
The first match
The opponent entering the arena
Before the match begins
The fight is about to start
Got pushed backwards
Hitting the opponent
The bars at top show how much energy each fighter has left
Getting knocked down
Lost the fight
The losers face gets crossed out
The opponent has some words for the loser
Continue screen
Defying gravity
Almost got him out of the ring
Pushed him out of the ring
Pointing at my defeated foe
Don't have that much to say now, do you?
The next opponent
He's much bigger than the last opponent
Getting tossed over his shoulder
This reminds me of a quote from Homer Simpson "Look at that blubber fly"
Choose any wrestler in 2 player mode
In the 2 player mode, the player to win 2 rounds of fighting, wins the entire match
This guy is pretty fast