ABC Wide World of Sports Boxing Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Main menu
Creating your boxer
Training camp screen
Talking with your manager
Talking with your coach
Magazine classifieds
Intro from the demo
Demo - Fighter stats
Demo - the fight itself
Demo - T.K.O.
Demo - fight results
Demo - the winner
The million-dollar question...
Err... okay.
U.S. Title Screen

DOS version

Title screen
Main menu
Underwhelming bird's-eye view
Close and furious things are more impressive.
Rock 'em! Sock 'em!
Looks like I've got a glass jaw.
The winner and cham-peen!
Main Title
Game Credits
Main Menu
Creating a new boxer!
...and introducing the future heavy weight champion!
Exhibition Boxer info screen
Preparing for a match
Round 1 - Closing up to the opponent
...and the two are clobbering each other (er, one of them at least) geeks don't fight very well :p
Boxing Magazine
Trainer: "Jump Rope" Jones specializes Body and Conditioning.
Trainer: "No Mercy" McGirck specializes in Power and Killer Instinct.
"Legs" Longley specializes in Conditioning and Stamina.
Manager: "Hollywood" Howie is the second manager you get for only 250 bucks.
Boxer Ranking
Paul Gomez vs Sammy Vermin
Manual protection check
Right punch hits - Lefty long vs Lightning Lewis
Winner is Lightning Lewis by point
World Records
Classifieds - Bye some equipment
Menu from Trainer: "Two Ton" Tubbs
Status of your player with ranking (Training Mode)
Select delete Boxer
Manager: John Daniels / Locking camp with password
Select Fight Mode (Human or Computer)
Just 28 seconds to end the round / Lefty long vs Lightning Lewis
Tied Score
Just down when stamina is zero / Herman Saweeny vs Slow Moe Jones
Fire Manager: John Daniels? You needs $250 to do