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A forgotten cult classic that deserves to be revisited DOS Angry Hammerite (75)
Let's deliver some abuse inside a prison DOS *Katakis* (38210)
Pure fun, in small doses DOS WWWWolf (422)
A brain sucking thrill DOS El-ad Amir (109)
Nicely atmospheric, great side-scrolling action... but not much else. DOS George Shannon (100)
A wonderful piece of software. DOS Tomer Gabel (4354)
Stunningly mediocre DOS James Hague (17)

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Acorn 32-bit Awaiting 5 votes...
Amiga Awaiting 5 votes...
BeOS Awaiting 5 votes...
DOS 68 3.7
GP2X Awaiting 5 votes...
GP2X Wiz Awaiting 5 votes...
iPhone Awaiting 5 votes...
Linux 12 3.6
Macintosh Awaiting 5 votes...
Combined User Score 80 3.7

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100 (Sep 01, 2001)
Abuse is a detailed shooting game. Although it is commercial software freeware versions were created from the public domain source code and graphics of the game. As the only person immune to the abuse gene, you must fight your way through mutants so that you can save the world and escape to freedom.
DOSPC Gamer (Jan, 1996)
Great design, lots of hidden goodies and built-in level editor. The interface takes some getting used to, so you won't be hooked right at first. One of the most enjoybale shooters of the year.
DOSPelit (May, 1996)
Abuse on PC:n toimintapelien kärkeä, ei siinä mitään. Valitettavasti näin suurina annoksina Abuse alkaa nopsasti toistaa trikkejään, toimintapelin pitäisi kuitenkin koukuttaa pelaajaa tarjoamalla aina jotain uutta. Lisäksi sinne tänne on pläjäytelty ylivaikeita pelinpysäyttäjiä. Toki ne voi hermoston kosahtaessa kiertää mukana tulevalla editorilla, mutta se ei ole miehen ratkaisu.
DOSGameSpot (May 01, 1996)
As side-scrolling shooter games go, there hasn't been much innovation since, say, the old coin-op game Elevator Action. Sure, there've been a few crazy characters with quirky attributes like Mario, Sonic, and Earthworm Jim. And maybe there've been some minor additions: upgradeable weapons, hidden one-ups, incredibly mean bosses, and bonus levels. Then there's the technological advances such as parallax scrolling (if I had a dime for every time I've heard the phrase, "Our game has more layers of scrolling backgrounds than …" I'd be a very rich man). But in terms of actual play, not much has changed in the side-scrolling, jumping and bumping, shooting and ducking, horizontal platform-game genre. Until now.
DOSComing Soon Magazine (Jan, 1997)
This is the premise of Abuse. With that in mind, you, dressed in battle armor that you just happen to have found, are off to save humanity from infection by Abuse. Your mission is to get to the Control Room at the center of the prison complex and make sure that the prison's infected water supply doesn't leak out into the outside world.
DOSThe DOS Spirit (Apr 26, 2008)
For å være både revolusjonerende og "rett i" kjernen på hva action-, og plattform-sjangeren handler om, var det vanskelig å ikke måpe første gang man startet opp Abuse. Selv om vanskelighetsgraden og tempoet er nokså høyt, og spillet er designet slik at du må prøve og feile veldig mange ganger, kan man ikke komme utenom at dette er solide saker fra ende til annen. Liker du Alien-setting med de tilhørende mørke ankerpunktene og et passende arsenal til, vil du garantert finne mye underholdning her. Øvrigheten bør heller ikke gå glipp av denne juvelen, selv om den dystre stemningen og skremmefaktorene til tider kan virke avskrekkende. Vi syns dette er står tilbake som en presentasjon og milepæl for hvordan nyskapning i en kjent og kjær sjanger ikke bare kan fornyes, men videreføres til noe bedre og spennende i en forpakning som tar skarve 2 MB! - selv om firmaet ditt heter noe så elendig som Crack dot Com. Slikt fortjener vår "Golden DOS Spirit"-utmerkelse.
80 (Nov 24, 2001)
Nejste-li nějakým nováčkem v oblasti pc her, jistě si pamatujete na postarší shareware hru z roku 1995 s názvem Abuse, která si získala srdce nejednoho hráče her.
MacintoshmacHOME (Dec, 1996)
Those who especially crave “abuse” can play via network with friends and soon-to-be enemies, and then things really start to get ugly. Abuse is side-view action gaming at its best.
If you're easily addicted, stay away. Otherwise, it's a must have. At it's simplest, Abuse is all about destruction. Haunting, beautifully crafted carnage, but carnage nonetheless. Its great graphics and sound effects and its infinite customizablity add up to make Abuse one of the best action games ever.
DOSAll Game Guide (2007)
Abuse is a great game. While it is a bit difficult at times, it is an amazing amount of fun that features top notch gameplay. Anyone looking for an all out slaughter fest with some puzzle solving, could not go wrong picking up a copy.
MacintoshMac Gamer (1996)
In my opinion, the Mac gaming industry has always been partial to cutting-edge games like Descent, Marathon, etc. This leaves behind a huge number of equally good games, many of which are side-scrolling games like Abuse from Bungie. Although there are many who dislike side-scrolling games, Abuse should be considered the "new school" of side-scrollers. With awesome graphics and weapons, as well as a cool interface, Abuse might pave the way for future high-action side scrolling games.
DOSPC Player (Germany) (Apr, 1996)
Abuse wirkt anfangs nur mäßig faszinierend, aber man spielt sich richtiggehend rein. Weder das Büffeln von dicken Anleitungen noch ein High-End-Pentium sind Spielspaß-Voraussetzungen. Ein dynamisches Jump-and-Shoot, das erklärte 3D-Puristen aber kaum hinterm Kanonenrohr hervorlocken wird.
DOSPC Joker (Apr, 1996)
Summa summarum ist Abuse also einen kleinen Mißbrauch wert: Bei knackigem Ballersound warten überzeugendes Leveldesign, ein unterhaltsamer Multiplayer-Modus und vor allem jede Menge Action.
DOSPC Games (Germany) (May, 1996)
Da kommen Erinnerungen an längst vergessene Schlachten auf! Abuse knüpft direkt an Klassiker wie "Hero", "Turrican" und "Shadow of the Beast" an. Eine altbekannte Spielidee also, doch was soll's, wenn das Rezept noch immer gefragt und das Endprodukt gut gemacht ist? Abuse absolvierte den PC-Games-TÜV ohne Tadel. Der Wertungsdaumen zeigt nach oben.
MacintoshGame Revolution (Jun 05, 2004)
All in all, Abuse is a game of sheer carnage. If you thought Doom was violent, you ain't seen nothing yet. It is a refreshing change to see a side scrolling bloodbath, in the spirit of Contra. If you want a game that saves on the brain power and is a lot of fun, go with Abuse.
DOSPower Play (May, 1996)
Seine Shareware-Herkunft kann “Abuse“ nicht leugnen: Eine künstlich aufgebauschte Anzahl an Gegnertypen — der Großteil basiert auf dem Giger-inspirierten Mutantensprite in verschiedenen Farbvariationen und mit jeweils anderer Bewaffnung, dann noch gleichförmig düstere Hintergrundgrafiken und so gut wie keine Obermotze: Das klingt nicht so üppig für ein EA-Produkt. Auf der Habenseite gibt es die für 2D-Spiele ungewöhnlichen Lichteffekte, ein durchdachtes Leveldesign und sehr viel gradlinige Action zu verbuchen. Das Beste ist allerdings das simple aber effektive Maus/Tastatur-Interface, das Euch beim selbst in der ‘Easy“-Einstellung happigen Schwierigkeitsgrad noch eine gute Überlebenschance einräumt. Die richtige Wahl für den “Turrican“-entwöhnten Ballerfan, der neuzeitlichen Errungenschaften wie dem Netzwerkmodus und dem erstklassigen Leveleditor nicht abgeneigt ist.
MacintoshMacworld (Jun, 1997)
Although Abuse is a simple 2-D side-scroller--much like the games many of us grew up on--Crack dot Com has successfully incorporated many innovative elements into a classic genre. Abuse may seem antiquated to the younger gamer or the jaded old-timer, but it's got the talent to carry off a revival without seeming passe.
MacintoshJoystick (French) (Jan, 1997)
D'un maniement pas très aisé, Abuse vaut pour son côté défouloir. D'autant plus qu'il est possible de jouer en réseau et de créer ses propres tableaux à l'aide de l'éditeur intégré.
On the up-side, there are a few cool things in ABUSE. The digital effects are wonderful and ominous. There are lots of nifty powerups and a slew of weapons to snatch up. And you can play with up to 8 other players in a network game. In net play, some of the weaknesses of the single-player game fall away, but going mano-a-mano in ABUSE: falls far short of the first-person Deathmatch experience. If you like side-scrollers, you're better off dusting off your old Genesis, because Crack Dot Com's ABUSE falls far short of even the status quo.
DOSHigh Score (Jun, 1996)
Det finns så mycket högoktaniga actionlir att jag inte kan rekommendera Abuse, som egentligen inte är dåligt. Det har bara svårt att höja sig över mängden.
iPhoneTouchGen (Sep 25, 2009)
Abuse Classic is a port of a game that really needs a bigger screen to work. I really wanted this to be the same pleasantly challenging experience of my youth where swarms of aliens kicked my behind. I am having more trouble jumping onto a platform than killing aliens in Abuse Classic. My hopes are that future updates will make this easier to play as the core gameplay and pace of Abuse is truly great.