Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth Screenshots (Nintendo DS)

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Nintendo DS version

Main menu
Similarly to previous Ace Attorney games, the backgrounds appear in the episode selection screen after you finish the specific episode.
Intro to chapter one
Just like in a police procedural, time and location.
Exploring the crime scene, Edgeworth's office.
Examining the corpse in a close-up view.
We just got a new bit of Logic.
Your Organizer contains both physical evidence and helpful notes.
Try and connect the right thought in the Logic screen.
Jacques Portsman, one hell of an obnoxious prosecutor.
Maybe Gumshoe can give us a hint? Then again, that's Gumshoe, so probably not.
Looks like we found a contradiction.
Jacques explains his point of view.
Time to rip his arguments apart.
Yep, we are definitely playing an Ace Attorney game.
Examining evidence in a 3D view.
The hallway in front of our office contains some important hints as well.
Looks like Ms. Maggey Byrde is enjoying the experience.
Time to prove your point... with evidence.
Case 2 takes place on board of an airplane.
Taking a look around the lounge, with a stewardess helping.
Ms. Teneiro won't stop until the crime is solved.
Is there something odd about the corpse?
This foreign art dealer is definitely not going to be very helpful.
Connecting two pieces of Logic.
Another old friend, Franziska von Karma, comes back for this game.
Case 3: Edgeworth finds himself delivering ransom to a kidnapper.
Who's that?
That's Kay Faraday, this game's obligatory Cheerful And Slightly Crazy Teenage Girl Sidekick.
Shi Long-Lang, a ruthless Interpol agent, and this game's equivalent to the nasty prosecutors that the Ace Attorney squared off against in previous games.
Case 3 has some rather strange witnesses.
Kay's little holographic gadget will prove very helpful in solving the puzzle.
Case 4: A flashback to Edgeworth's younger days, when he was still under Manfred von Karma's mentorship.
Attorney Calisto Yew isn't one for seriousness.
Detective Tyrell Badd is Yew's almost complete opposite in demeanor.
Meanwhile, young detective Gumshoe has nothing useful to contribute, as usual.
We get to explore the courthouse, which we could only see partially in the previous games, in detail.
Franziska was such a sweet child... okay, maybe not.
Case 5 takes place at a foreign country's embassy.
Looks like mysterious things are afoot in this embassy.
Examining the murder weapon in detail.
Looks like this case is a lot bigger than we suspected.
Case 5 is so long and convoluted that your organizer needs to be rid of no-longer-necessary evidence more than once.
Let's see if we can find something in the embassy lobby.
The game over screen.