Ace Combat 5: The Unsung War Screenshots (PlayStation 2)

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PlayStation 2 version

Main Title
Scenes from the Belkan war that happened 15 years ago, a short premise to the story
Main Title (from the opening cinematic, the island in the back is your starting base of operations)
Kei Nagase, one of the few survivors of the 108th squadron, soon to be your most precious wingman
First mission... your squad is scrambled to intercept an unidentified craft off the coast
Approaching the unidentified craft (looks like Blackbird to me, though), but orders are just to force it to land not to shoot at it
You can follow the missile camera when firing at enemy fighters... this one evaded both of my missiles, though
After each mission you can watch replay from various camera angles
You can rotate camera in-flight to get better perspective of your surroundings
Firing missiles at unmanned recon crafts... no casualties at least
After first couple of missions, you'll be able to buy newer and better planes
You can rotate and zoom camera during showcase to admire the details and similarity with real models
Flying in first-person perspective... clear and sunny day always helps to spot an enemy from afar
Beside 1st and 3rd person view, there is also a cockpit view to add a feeling of actually being inside the plane
Escorting a plane through a friendly area with lots of SAM sites, one took out their radar, hence your helping
When you reach the status of squadron leader, you'll select a plane for you and each of your wingmen
Taking off and landing sequences can be skipped (would really be sad if you crash after an extensive mission because of your bad landing ;)
The weather is cloudy and visibility is pretty bad... in such cases radar becomes a really precious item
Don't change direction too quickly if your squad is flying in formation as collision can be quite deadly
Multiple targets in sight... enemy's jamming our sensors, most of the targets are bogeys so you have to rely on plain eye-sight
Enemy supply plane destroyed
Checking the back view to see enemy plane in flames
Taking the fuel in mid-air
Somewhere over arctic, flying at low altitude to avoid enemy radars
Enemy sub destroyed... F/A-18 is well balanced craft for air as well as ground attacks
Enemy fleet ready to make a stand
Taking off of a cruiser
Enemy fleet in sight, but they have a carrier as well and can scramble fighters in the air
Your carrier is definitely going down after this hit
Yuktobanian and Osean forces launching a joint attack against their common enemy, but weather doesn't go to anyone's advantage
The game's menu system. The background diagram shows how many options there are 'below' each box. The same menu format is used when playing the Campaign game
The start of the first mission. Each mission starts with a chart like this showing how the mission progresses so the player can chart their progress