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Aces of the Pacific (DOS)

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Aces of the Pacific Credits

Simulation Credits

DirectorDamon Slye
Lead DesignerDamon Slye
Director of ProgrammingBob Lindstrom
Lead Simulation ProgrammerLincoln Hutton
Lead Shell ProgrammerChristopher Reese
ProgrammingNathan Dwyer, Paul Bowman, Ryan Hinke, Caedmon Irias, Dayne Freitag, Nancy Hamilton
Mission ScriptsNorman Nelson
Director of Image ProductionRandy Dersham
Art DirectorMark Peasley
Lead 3D Graphic ArtistCyrus Kanga
3D Graphic ArtistDamon Mitchell
ArtistsPeter Lewis, Mike Jahnke, Jarrett Jester, Ron Clayborn, Mark Vearrier, Tito Pagan
PhotographyDale Tendick
Audio DirectorAlan McKean
Original Music ScoreJan Paul Moorhead
Sound EffectsChristopher Stevens
Additional MusicChristopher Stevens
Assistant to the DirectorChristopher Shen
Historical ResearchJohn Bruning Sr.
Director of Research and DevelopmentDariusz Lukaszuk
Graphic Modules and DevicesPiotr Lukaszuk
3 Space ModulesDavid McClurg
Sound ModulesJohn Leavens
Software Technology EngineersGlen Wolfram, Caedmon Irias, Michael Lankerovich
Quality Assurance ManagerForrest Walker
Lead Quality Assurance EngineerLloyd Madden
Quality Assurance EngineersJan Carpenter, Chris Hunt, Geoff Rosser, David Merrill, Joseph Muennich, Tim McClure, James Domico, Scott Youngblood, Alan Roberts, Corey Reese
Theatrical CoordinatorSher Alltucker
The ActorsMaurice Matsumori, Todd Michael Crowson, Masakatsu Dannoura, Gregg Furukawa, Jim Hoffman, Dan Giustina, Robert Canaga

Documentation Credits

Director of PublicationsLynne Tunstill
Supporting DirectorJerry Luttrell
DesignSue Roberts
ProductionSue Roberts
Cover Design & IllustrationRoger Smith
Illustrations & MapsShawn Bird
Writing and ResearchJerry Luttrell, Jim Stiak, John Bruning Sr., Christopher Shen, Sue Roberts, Bill Van Orman, Forrest Walker

Special Thanks

"The Bob Squad"Bob Bauer, Rick Overman, Kurt Engle
Aircraft engine sound researchJohn Bruning Sr.
Technical AdviceGrumman Aircraft Corp.
Technical ConsultantsLarry Cauble, Arlon Harris, Dewey Ray, Joe Sperling, Bruce Williams Zaccagnino
PlanesHerschel Whittington (The Confederate Air Force), Dick Milan (Aerospace America), Robert Leipold (NASA -National Aeronautics and Space Institution), Jack Erickson (Air Crane Inc.), Ted Ryder (Air Crane Inc.), Bill Lamon (and his beautiful Harvard T-6)
Research & PropsYasuho Izawa (Dr.), Henery Saikaida, David Robinson's Collection, George Gomm, David Davidson (Warner Bros Wardrobe)
Photographs & ArtworkBob Renes, Kazuko Renes, Veda Bethel, Bob Lawson, Pierluigi Pinto, Gabriella Piomboni, D. Brent Burkett

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Credits for this game were contributed by Patrick Bregger (142934), Jeanne (75469), Brian Hirt (10000), WildKard (12129) and Raphael (1160)