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Back of Box - Mac/Win/Win 3.x (United States):

    Would the Battle of Britain have been “their finest hour” if YOU were in command?

    Find out when you play Achtung Spitfire

    September 1940: British coastal radar reports a Luftwaffe squadron of Heinkel Hei111s coming from the south heading toward London. Another group of German Junkers Ju87 dive bombers is approaching from the east. Which do you intercept?

    • Play against human opponents over the Internet or hot-seat. Cross platform compatibility - PC to Mac and Mac to PC.
    • Computer opponent uses Avalon Hill’s Over the Reich’s excellent Al (Computer Gaming World)”.
    • Dozens of single Dogfights and Combat Missions, as well as challenging Tours of Duty.
    • 5-levels of game difficulty: Work your way up from Lieutenant to General.
    • Individual pilots rated for personal experience and combat skills.
    • Video clips of actual war footage highlight events like takeoffs and engagements.
    • 25 aircraft types including fighters and bombers. Includes encyclopedic data on each.

    Based on the award winning Over the Reich
    . . .rated 4 1/2 stars by Computer Gaming World . . .
    called, “one of the best W.W.II games we’ve seen, period . . ,”
    Computer Games Strategy Plus.


    The skies over Britain were filled with German bombers and defenders

    Radar reports incoming raiders. Can you trust this new technology?

    Get to know your weapons. Historical database has detailed information on 53 planes, 25 original aircraft paintings, plus hundreds of megabytes of film footage.

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (198869) on May 04, 2011.