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Turn-based flying? Are you nuts?? Yes, I am, and I love it! Windows M B (18)

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Windows 3.xComputer Gaming World (CGW) (Dec, 1997)
As an early-war version of OVER THE REICH, ACHTUNG SPITFIRE is a worthy successor. The dozens of new planes and flight-model improvements alone make it a must have for fans of the previous game. The strategy elements introduced in the Battle of Britain campaign engine – possibly the best treatment of that turning point in WWII ever brought to a computer screen – are just icing on the cake. As ironic as it is that the wargame part of the battle is played in realtime while the flight sim is turn-based, the two complement each other well. For any gamer fascinated by the complexity of many-on-many-combat tactics, or the Battle of Britain in particular, ACHTUNG SPITFIRE's blend of depth, variety, and long-term replayability is sure to please.
While there are a few very minor nits to pick (where are the medals; it would be nice if a few more targets were available in England), Achtung Spitfire! takes a solid wargaming system to the next level. Highly recommended.
WindowsGameCell UK (Mar, 2005)
OK, there’s not a lot wrong here basically, and a hell of a lot right. If you are a flight sim aficionado, I can’t think of a good reason not to buy this, unless vintage aeroplanes aren’t your cup of tea I suppose. Of course it’s not a lot of use if you have absolutely no interest in flight sims or aircraft in general, but then I guess you wouldn’t be reading this. In the meantime, I’m off to strap on me tin legs, beat up the airfield, and shoot down a brace of Heinkels before Tiffin. Tally Ho!!
WindowsPC Gamer (Dec, 1997)
If there's any problem with Achtung Spitfire, it's a simple matter of redundancy. Except for the Battle of Britain backdrop, it's exactly the same game as Over the Reich (even down to the Wagner soundtrack, only this time it's the "Flying Dutchman Overture" instead of the "Ride of the Valkyries"). It looks the same, plays the same, and of course there were Spitfires in the earlier game, too, if you chose to fly them.
WindowsAll Game Guide (1998)
Achtung Spitfire is the type of game that Avalon Hill (a company with deep military simulations for roots) should be making: a war game with lots of historical detail and background, one that is suited to board game players. Like most of their war games, the manual is like a mini-text book; this one is complete with historical background on military aviation and the factors in the air war from both sides. In addition, the CD/ROM contains an excellent airplane database of 25 planes from the war, including some of the most popular German and English aircraft, as well as aircraft the French used for the fifteen minutes they were in the war.
MacintoshmacHOME (Jan, 1998)
Avalon Hill deserves credit for delivering a game with enough historical accuracy to be educational and enough play value to be fun. Achtung Spitfire isn’t for everyone, but for history buffs, strategy gamers or anyone tired of the same ol’ shoot-’em-up, it’s worth a look.
WindowsAdrenaline Vault, The (AVault) (Nov 24, 1997)
It’s times like this in which I realize that gaming isn’t all about the latest technology. Computer games are about providing the players with a riveting virtual experience, and Achtung Spitfire does just that. Each element of the game is tight, and the historical references are introduced so well that you feel as though you are there alongside your fighters. Detailed strategic methods, mixed with adventurous music and supreme sound FX create a thoroughly unbeatable tactical sim. With allowance for a very heavy weakness in the level of graphics, this is an all-around grade A game. Anyone with the slightest interest in WWII fighter planes or solid strategy games should give Spitfire a try. It convinced me! Strap on your goggles, wrap that trailing scarf around your neck, and take off!
WindowsGameSpot (Oct 06, 1997)
It has been said that airpower alone can win neither a battle, nor a war. Only through the occupation of territory by ground forces can victory be achieved. Yet in 1940 a battle raged over the skies of England as the Royal Air Force sought to defeat the German Luftwaffe. The prize was Britain, for if the battle in the air were lost then Operation Sealion (the seaborne invasion) would commence. In this case airpower alone did indeed win a battle, and had a profound effect on the war.
WindowsPC Jeux (Nov, 1997)
Un jeu stratégique séduisant mais une réalisation plus soignée manque un peu.
Windows 3.xPC Jeux (Nov, 1997)
Un jeu stratégique séduisant mais une réalisation plus soignée manque un peu.
MacintoshMac Addict (Mar, 1998)
Given its price tag, Achtung Spitfire probably won't provide enough excitement for many gamers. The gameplay, although engaging, is slow; and the animations that happen when, say, a plane is shot down have to run their full course before returning control to the player. Some of the interface elements in the strategy map (such as the automatic pausing of the game in certain situations) are a bit clunky. For players who love strategy board games, though, especially those produced by Avalon Hill, Achtung Spitfire might be a great fit.