Bloxed Credits (Acorn 32-bit)

Bloxed Acorn 32-bit Title screen / main menu


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Bloxed Credits


CodeSteven Singer
SpritesSteven Singer, Lee McGinty
Calvin and Hobbes pictureBill Watterson
Most pictures acquired by anonymous ftp
Helix picture (ntreal)Drew Wells
Sunset picture (sunsethf)Douglas Muir
All pictures were converted to RISCOS sprites using ChangeFSI byRobert Hamilton, Roger Wilson
and Translator byJohn Kortink
Sound effects came by anonymous ftp
Thanks to the following peopleRobin Watts (for use of his Arc; teaching me ARM code; for letting me take over his room; writing !Larger; looking up stuff in his PRMs), The Archimedes User Group in Oxford for play testing; suggestions and help with distribution, Robert Archbold (aka Orbital Productions; for suggestions), John Veness (aka Pelago; for pages and pages of suggestions), Matthew Newton (for suggestions), Lee McGinty (for redesigning the sprites), Don Symes (for writing !Zap [definitely get a copy of this]), Graeme Foster (for suggestions - mostly on the high score table), Graham Robinson (for suggestions), Anthony Haines (for bug reports and ARM 2; 1 Meg; RiscOS 2 testing), Iwan Attwood (aka LES... and Dr. De'ath; for some truly sick high scores)

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