Bug Hunter / Moon Dash Screenshots (Acorn 32-bit)

User Screenshots

Acorn 32-bit version

Title screen / Main menu (Bug Hunter)
About to start (Bug Hunter)
Starting out on first level (Bug Hunter)
Hysteron Posteron can walk vertically (Bug Hunter)
Picked up an object (Bug Hunter)
And then drop it on the insect to kill it (Bug Hunter)
Passing out in the second level (Bug Hunter)
Staircase level (Bug Hunter)
Bedroom level (Bug Hunter)
High score (Bug Hunter)
Main menu (Moon Dash)
Starts out with being shot down (Moon Dash)
The race on the ground begins (Moon Dash)
Enemies appear above (Moon Dash)
Shooting at them (Moon Dash)
Got one! (Moon Dash)
Gaps in the ground has to be jumped over (Moon Dash)
Completed a level (Moon Dash)
These obstacles are a bit trickier to jump over (Moon Dash)