Pandora's Box Screenshots (Acorn 32-bit)

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Acorn 32-bit version

Loading screen
Title screen
Asking for disk 2
Starting out in the study
Opening up magic book
A 'recipe' for creating fire staffs
At the smith
Outside the bar
A hall
Unfortunately you can't read this book
The guards are blocking the exit
Tasks are given on parchments that can be picked up
In the library
Toenail cake, tasty?
A sorcerer need to know how to create his spells of course
Found a key, now we only have to find the hole
At the market, where we might buy some stuff
Not the nicest boys in town - better stay away from them
This is what happens when you play with explosives
Reload or exit
Baking a cake
Some platforming exist too
At the graveyard
Inside the church
At the alchemist
Leaving the town, into the forest
Trying to cross the river
Blue monsters
Crossing a bridge
Throwing a knife at the TNT barrels causes them to explode
Stay away from the water - you can't swim
Encounter with ghosts
Getting a highscore