Acrobat Mission Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Select Fighter.
Blast the aliens.
Destroy the large ship for power-ups.
Into the forest.
Edge of the world.
End of level boss.

SNES version

Title Screen
First day on the job.
Sweeping the Martian surface.
These guys take a lot of punishment, but drop power-ups when defeated.
I love how green the foliage is this time of year in Low Ridge.
Boss #1, an airship packed to the rafters with turrets,
Demonstrating a charge shot.
A second before crashing.
At least that pilot didn't die for nothing.
mini-frigates start appearing in level 2. Blow up all their turrets and they're start firing lasers at you instead.
Swarmed in an debris field.
There's our destination.
Boss #2 choreographs it's attacks, but you still have to be careful not to get trapped.
Strafing the surface of the moon.
I think I found the front door.
You have to take out three layers of turrets to bring down Boss #3
No way to go but straight in.
Level 4's new enemy type isn't strong, but they are fast and love to push you into bullets.
Mini-frigates don't seem so mini when they can fill most of the tube.
Boss #4 constantly fires off missiles and floods the screen with explosions.
These three are the next immediate boss, but only fire at you every once in a while. They're not much threat.
The final boss of Level 4 can soak a lot of damage, but it's slow to attack and easy to dodge.