Act of War: High Treason Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Loading screen
Main menu
Clearing the roofs of enemy presence
Leading a small task force through the forest trail
Securing the first stronghold, but the things are about to heat up soon
On your way to secure the helipad
Use repair depot and truck to fix damaged vehicles
A futile attempt to approach enemy base, no matter all the units are veteran
Storming through the enemy defenses
Buggies upgraded with rocket launchers can take down an enemy helicopter with a single strike
Bombing enemy tanks with Multi-Launching-Rocket-System trucks from a safe distance
Jefferson is sneaking through the forest storming with enemy troops
Sergeant Oz coming to Jefferson's aid via opposite side of an airfield
Shooting the nearby fuel trucks is the best way to deal with enemy infantry
Placing a beacon to find out the plane's destination
Your armoured forces, just arriving on Yucatan