Action Hero 3D: Wild Dog Screenshots

User Screenshots

Zeebo version

Title screen.
Main menu. Here you select to start a new game, continue a previous started game, game configurations, help, about the game and exit.
Options menu. Select presence of animations, sound and speed of game.
Help screen. Here you can learn all game controls.
Selecting the game difficulty. New difficulties are unlocked when you finish the game in the previous one.
Intro cutscene: Wolf is about to win the TV show contest. Several of these cutscenes will be shown along the game.
This is the main action screen. The hud shows the stage you're in, points, cash, special items and special blows.
These are the fist enemies you'll face. Longer combos are rewarded with points. Enemies defeated drop money to be collected.
Opening blue chests reveal items to be used. This is the first one in game, and the only to hold an equippable enemy (all the others will be held in red chests).
When you go up a level, you can choose to spend points in Health points, Special points or Attack points.
Fighting the first boss.
After beating a boss, a ranking with your performance will be shown. I've got an A in this one.
Selecting an enemy to be equipped. Here we have the first enemy we've got on the previous stage. Each enemy gives a hint on what kind of attribute he'll enhance.
Selecting an item to be used. You can allocate items to be activated when pressing ZL and 2, 1 or 4.
In this stage, lightning obstacles are introduced. Other similar obstacles will be present in future stages, such as fire and ice obstacles.
When you find a red chest, it will be locked and in order to unlock it you'll have to solve a puzzle like this one. Inside it you'll find a previously defeated enemy to be equipped.
Using an HP item. When you use an item from the quick menu, another item will replace it automatically (if available).
Blocks like the one shown here are invisible until you jump upon them. They usually give access to hidden chests.
The second boss.
At the beginning of each stage there is a portal like this one. From it, you can save your game, load it, choose a stage to go and equip enemies.
In this screen you can select a stage to go. It can be helpful if you left a red chest behind, for instance.
A vertical scrolling level. Here we have fire obstacles, just like the lightning ones seen before.
Game over.