Action Man: Jungle Storm Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

The game starts with a video sequence showing bad guys robbing banks. This is how Dr X funds his nefarious plans
This is the game's title screen. It comes after the video sequence and leads to the Action Man's secret base which doubles as a menu
Action Man's base is the game's main menu with hot spots linking to different options. The vault door that's just opened links to the saved games
Another option from the main menu is the shooting range. There are three options, a timed event, a limited ammo event and a high score event
This is the game customisation screen that's accessed from the secret base menu. The only options here are to change the colour of the menu bar and to delete saved games
There's another bit of video as Action Man leaves his base for his mission
Mission 1 - flying in to the enemy base is a side scrolling shooter. The letter's, if collected, will spell ACTION MAN and score points
There's a pause when the game switches from the outdoor section to the cave sequence
About to collect a power up in the cave sequence
Back outside and there's ground fire and aerial enemies to contend with
The end of the sequence shows the player's score. This comprises coins and letters collected and translates into a number of starts. The green arrows allow the player to progress or replay
After the flying Action Man parachutes into the base. This is a downwards scrolling shooter with more letters and coins to collect. The arrows indicate that Action Man is off course
The third part of the mission is ground based. Again there are letters and power ups to collect. Here Action Man must duck/jump to avoid shells fired from the tank
Travelling through the factory where it's thought bombs are made. There are more coins and letters to collect. Action Man must duck/jump to avoid nuts & bolts fired by the robot workers
Into the firework factory where there are more coins and letters to collect. Action Man must duck/jump to avoid bombs fired by the robot workers. Guess they are baddies after all
End of the ground based section. Action Man goes over the bridge while the tank goes through it
All the letters of ACTION MAN were collected so the player gets a bravery rating for this level.
This is the save game option from the main menu. It shows the rating for this part of the game....
... additionally the panels in the comic book allow each section to be accessed and replayed