Action Man: Raid on Island X Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

The game starts with a video sequence setting out the plot. This is where Action Man learns that his friend has been kidnapped
The video sequence is followed by the game's title screen
The base is the game menu. Hot spots open up to allow the player access to different options. The red door exits the game and the lockers allow the player to dress Action Man
Action man in disguise.
Starting a game and the player gets to replace 'ActionMan' with their own name, just nine letters though
The bookshelf in the base/game menu gives the player access to the secret room in which clues and trophies accumulated in the game can be viewed
The first mission is a training mission with six different tasks to be completed. Missions are accessed via the computer screen of the base/game menu. These can be completed in any order
One training mission is the zip line where the player has to lift Action Man's legs over obstacles as he slides along.
The end of the zip line mission and the number of coins collected is counted
The player can select the training missions in any order. When completed the target turns red. Each mission shows a picture of the task to be performed
The target range. Targets get a satisfyingly large hole in them when shot.
A hint of gameplay to come. Here the player must replicate four patterns correctly in order to progress
An example puzzle. The player must find a way to take-out the robot in order to progress
An odd bungee jumping mission. The player must knock out all the targets in order to progress.