Cover Art

Although this compilation contains games that were published by Activision, the cartridge casing and cartridge label style that are depicted on the front cover of the package more closely resembles that of games published by Atari, not Activision.

German Index

When Activision was going to sell the PS2 version in Europe, they had a slight problem.

The German BPjS (Federal Examination Office for Youth-Endangering Publications) indexed the game River Raid back in 1984. Therefore was a retail distribution of the compilation in Germany out of the question (a side effect of the indexing).

So, the only solution was for Activision to file an application for verification of that particularly title at the BPjS. And since the reason for the index was out of date (assuming it was up do date in 1984 at all - see River Raid trivia), the game was de-indexed on January 2003.

But the really interesting fact here is that without the application, the Activision Anthology would be adult only in Germany. And now, after the de-indexing of River Raid and a normal rating with the USK (the German age rating organization) for this compilation here, the Activision Anthology is available without restrictions in Germany.

Online Feature

The PlayStation 2 version of this game was originally going to have an online feature that would have let you downloaded new games into Activision Anthology. However, this was scrapped due to expenses and time constraints.

Information also contributed by Alexander Michel and Xoleras

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