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    Actua Ice Hockey is an Official Licensed Product of the 1998 Olympic Winter Games. Choose to play any of the top International sides in your quest for Olympic glory, with each team containing the world's top players. Featuring stunning live interactive commentary from leading ice hocking-commentator, Paul Ferguson, it is as close to Olympic ice hockey as you will get.

    Take any of the world's top international sides from the qualifying stages right through to the final in the 1998 Olympic Winter Games ice hockey tournament * Every squad features the world's leading professional ice hockey players * Motion captures professionals provide fast and fluid player movement across the ice * The stunning True 3D environment enables you to view the action from any angle * Hone your skills and tactical plays in the friendly and practice modes * “Ambient Realism” provides the authentic stadium atmosphere, from the reactions of the crowd to the interaction of the commentary * The giant stadium scoreboard provides spectacular replay sequences of every goal.

    Actua Ice Hockey est le jeu officiel des Jeux Olympiques d'Hiver 1998. Dans Actua Ice ockey, toutes les équipes Internationales et toutes les stars du hockey ont fait le déplacement pour que vous puissiez atteindre la consécration supréme: le trophée olympique! Vivez et revivez l'intensité des jeux Olympiques grâce aux commentaires en direct, qui vous placeront au centre de la patinoire, dans une ambiance étourdissante.

    Actua Ice Hockey ist das offizielle Eishockeyspiel der Olympischen Winterspiele 1998. Wählen Sie eine der Top-Mannschaften der Welt und kämpfen mit den besten Spielern um das olympische Gold. Das Spiel bringt Ihnen mit seinem neuartigen interaktiven Kommentarsystem das olympische Eis auf den heimischen Bildschirm.

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (195723) on Mar 16, 2010.
    We've had Bolero - on Ice from Torvil and Dean; Disney - on Ice from Disney; we've even had The myths and legends of King Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table - on Ice from 70's prog-rock legend Rick Wakeman. Now Actua Sports plans to go one better, with the release of Hockey - on ice or rather, Actua Ice Hockey from Gremlin Interactive.

    The official Ice Hockey game for the 1998 Nagano Winter Olympics, Actua Ice Hockey will be the only one to feature the full competition recreated in its entirety. Using all the players from the qualifying teams, plus some from teams that didn't quite make it: (a little artistic licence was needed to include Gt Britain), the Actua Sports range is again offering gamers the ultimate in realism and gameplay. Actua will be the first ice hockey game to have full motion capture providing a degree of style and playability far surpassing anything currently available. Using, among others, Chris Kelland of England's Sheffield Steelers, Gremlin have used the latest 10 camera motion analysis system to capture the movement of real players (and an assortment of hockey officials).

    The result is the most lifelike animations possible. All this is complemented by a highly realistic commentary and atmosphere, from crowd noises and cheerleader chants to the sound of the puck hitting the boards and the players hitting each other!

    Contributed by Xoleras (66867) on Oct 23, 2004.