The Addams Family Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
The hand
Game start
Death screen
Carnivorous plant
Continue screen
Flying hat
Green goblin
Ball on chains
Message about the stove
Inside the stove

Arcade version

Title Screen
1 Second Left
First Boss
Granny's Stove
Hand open
Come here!
Get the door for next level
Poison Ivy
Main Screen
The Conservatory
The Old Tree
Game Over

Atari ST version

The title screen
Start from the beginning or use a password?
The game starts outside the front door
I've just killed a monster by jumping on it and another monster is close by
I've lost a life
Inside the house in the entrance hall
This greenhouse is really infested with monsters
The game contains many more or less tricky jumps
In the music room Lurch and Thing waits
Game Over! Continue or Quit?

Genesis version

Starting the game
Flying with a helicopter
Old tree
Rabbits and other fearsome monsters
Flying fishes in the conservatory
The music room! Yeah! :))
Collecting dough
Cup of coffee?
Continue or quit?
Nice animal it was...
No! I don't wanna play such games!!..

SNES version

Japanese Title Screen
Main menu
You start in the hall, each door being a level or a number of levels
The Old Tree
Those flying ghosts are quite similar to those from "Super Mario Land"
Nice "death" screen
Riding an elevator, trying to avoid the pesky rabbit
Portrait gallery
It would be painful to fall on that spiky thing
The pianist ignores Mr. Addams completely
They won't let me grab the money so easily
If Addams hits his head on the icy ceiling, he dies at once
A cup of coffee?
Those A letters will provide you with useful information
A hidden level with lots of money
In the furnace
Hmm, what a game, indeed...
Down through the chimney
Flying over the house, avoiding some pesky ghosts
Okay, I've had enough. Shall I hang myself?