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Psygnosis E3 1996 Press Kit:
    Psygnosis A Subsidiary of Sony Corporation of America 919 East Hillsdale Blvd., 3rd Floor Foster City, CA 94404 Tel: 415/655-8060 Fax: 415/655-8031 News Release - For Immediate Release Contacts: Norma Velvikis/Andrea Sausedo Faiola Davis Public Relations (213) 933-4959 Dana Oertell/Mark Day Psygnosis, Inc. (415) 655-8060 / (415) 655-5679


    FOSTER CITY, CA. -- May 16, 1996 -- If you’re looking for the ultimate sports rush from your Sony PlayStation game console, wait until you see Psygnosis’ upcoming Power Soccer. Scheduled for release in June, Power Soccer features real-time 3D environments and realistic motion capture of actual athletes for precise player movements, making it one of the most convincing sports title yet.

    Developed by Psygnosis in France (one of the undisputed centers of excellence for computer graphics), Power Soccer lets players compete against some of Europe’s top athletes, leading their team through the National League to win the Championship -- and then move on to the greatest challenge of all time -- the European Cup.

    Power Soccer features teams from England, France and Germany, as well as an exclusive adidas "dream team". Individual players sport their own physical, technical and mental characteristics, which change between and during matches, as they tire and become injured throughout the season.

    Power Soccer’s true 3D environments, allow players to slide, tackle, take corner shots and rush goalies as though they were in a live soccer match. An in-game, full motion video (FMV) training mode gives them the ability to hone their skills in several different fields of the game. Power Soccer also features 16-bit digitized sound for realistic crowd reactions and stadium DSP effects. A real-time commentary is provided in English, French or German.

    Power Soccer features four game modes: Friendly Match, Tournament, Arcade and Season play. In Friendly Match the player chooses 2 teams from all the available European teams, and plays an exhibition match. In Tournament Play the player can choose four, eight, 16, or 32 teams to play against. The matches are randomly balloted with direct elimination until the final. Statistics are displayed at the end of each tournament. Arcade Mode allows the player to play a mini- championship. The mini-championship consists of 10 special teams with predefined characteristics. In Season Play, you must choose a team in one of the four possible countries (England, Duetsh, France). You must then take your team through a full season and try to qualify for the European Cup. In Season Mode, you will earn money to buy and trade players in order to improve your team.

    Up to two players can compete simultaneously on a single PlayStation game console; using the PlayStation link cable, up to four people can play.

    Psygnosis employs over 300 people with publishing and development offices in the U.S., U.K. and across Europe. Working with over 30 development teams across the world and six internal development sites, the company is now the largest development house in Europe. Psygnosis is a wholly owned subsidiary of Sony Corporation of America.

    EDITORS NOTE: Power Soccer will be available at most computer and software specialty stores or direct by calling 1-800-438-7794. Reviewers’ copies and screen shots can be obtained from Dana Oertell (415) 655-8060 or Mark Day (415) 655-5679.

    Visit us on the Net. Psygnosis’ latest offerings - including current and future titles, game tips, contests, press releases and company information - are accessible at

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Magazine Ad - EGM #87, October 1996 - PS1:
    The clock is running your adrenaline is pumping
    sweat is dripping into your eyes as you
    feel your muscles tensing and you prepare to
    make the move that for just one fraction of a second will send you
    soaring right over that other guy in your
    quest to feel the exquisite rush of head
    connecting with ball and in one brilliant blinding
    flash wonder how anyone can actually
    believe that this is just a game.

    adidas POWER



    (Picture captions)
    • Fast and Furious Arcade Mode
    • Tons of Special Moves
    • Motion-Captured 3D Graphics

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Privat Computer PC (July, 1996):
    Mere game play, flere moves og mange flere beskidte tricks

    Adidas Power Soccer på SonyPlayStation


    En af spillerne fra det andet hold har lige spist det røde kort. Nu er alt tilladt...

    Du har fældet det andets holds venstre back. At dømme efter hans tandsæt, er det ikke første gang, at han er løbet ind i sådan én som dig! Og nu ser det unægteligt ud som om det er sidste gang, du er løbet ind i noget som helst. Du kan selvfølgeligt prøve at påkalde dig dommerens opmærksomhed. Men i Adidas Power Soccer er det ikke altid sikkert, at manden i sort gider at beskæftige sig med sådan en smule ballade - og hans kort er vist alligevel mere dødt end rødt.

    Men tag det roligt; du spiller jo SonyPlayStation....så du kan bare trykke RESET og begynde på en ny match. På den anden side kan du også tage kampen op, og gi' fjolset en støvle lige i nakken...

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Back of Case - (US):
    Kick off with your favorite team and take on some of Europe's finest players! A choice of team strategies, a wealth of playing options and tons of net-busting special moves guarantee a first-rate soccer experience!
    • Stunning motion-captured 3D animation for super-smooth player movements and graphics -- motion capture actually done by professional players!

    • Choice of in-depth league simulation mode or fast and furious arcade option.

    • Players have tons of special moves allowing spectacular skills, shots and fouls in arcade mode.

    • Options include friendly matches, entire league seasons, league championships, and cup tournaments.

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