Advance Wars Screenshots

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Game Boy Advance version

Title Screen
Mission Briefing
Get ready to move out!
Main Menu
Artillery Infromation Screen
Deployable air units
Deployable ground units
Deployable sea units
The tutorial doubles as the prologue for the main story
Fighters are absolutely devastating against other air units
Obliterating heavy tanks with my own bomber
Firing at a Lander (personnel carrier) with Missile trucks
Wiping out half of enemy fighters as a pre-emptive strike.
Terrain information screen. Movement cost of various units as well as defense value are shown.
Unit information screen lets you know the unit's movement rate on ideal terrain, sight range, weapon effectiveness, etc
Some level features fog of war. Infantry units gain a bonus to sight range when they are on mountainous terrains.
Battle won. Credits can be used to buy new challenge maps.
Campaign map. The second officer is Grit, who specializes in long range units.
In this mission, you have access to Base, which can deploy ground units.
Grit's units already have +1 range
When Grit fires off his CO power, his units all gain an extra +2 range
Plane's flight range
Time to buy new units
Helicopter on island.
Next mission, next rival...
Infantry vs infantry - fight in city's streets
Mountains give bonuses to defense.
Artillery massacre infantry units.
Transporter has no chance.
Olaf uses his CO power - Blizzard
...and the terrain gets covered in snow affecting combat
Andy's CO power
Battle against mysterious Sturm
Sturm's CO power
Those blue units have almost no chance against the meteor
Campaign clear, but there's still a lot to see and do in the game
You can buy battle maps and CO's from Hachi
When playing custom maps you may choose any CO you've unlocked