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Advanced Destroyer Simulator

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AmigaAmiga Action
Advanced Destroyer Simulator has been designed for the more casual simulation player. Wading through pages of jargon isn't necessary to understand what's going on. The controls and basics can be picked up in a few minutes but the many missions will keep you going for hours. The vector graphics are adequate for this type of sim and the sound complements the game well. To sum up, ADS is worth looking at, especially if you want a simulator that will tax your grey matter without being too technical.
Atari STST Format
There are a couple of niggly points concerning the controls - there's just too much to look after when in the thick of battle, for instance - but despite this, Advanced Destroyer Simulator is brilliantly atmospheric. It's very easy to become totally absorbed by the game and find yourself determined to carry out your mission - whatever the cost!
AmigaPower Play
Wasserratten, die ungerne ein dickes Handbuch wälzen, bevor sie sich auf hohe See begeben, werden den Advanced Destroyer Simulator lieben. Denn im Advanced Destroyer Simulator wird, wie auch schon in dem Vorläuferspiel "Sherman M4", Action groß geschrieben. Auslaufen, aufspüren und losballern heißt die Devise – taktischer Freiraum bleibt kaum übrig. Dafür ist die Steuerung wunderbar einfach – nur wenige Tasten reichen aus, um den Zerstörer über Wasser zu halten. 15 Missionen bieten dem Einsteiger ausreichend Unterhaltung. Für einen beinharten Simulationsexperten wird etwas zu wenig geboten.
AmigaAmiga Format
Advanced Destroyer Simulator allows you to re-enact famous naval engagements of WWII in four different theatres of operations. You get the chance to be captain, gunner, chief cook and bottle washer on an armoured version of the Marie Celeste. On the boat you have to point the pointy bit (bow) in the right direction to blast the torpedoes at enemy shipping. A competent simulation, it gets dull on the longer journeys, but as they say, worse things happen at sea. The fighting is a tad limited by 'quantum' update, with ships suddenly appearing on the sky line. ADS falls between the two stools of true sim and action arcade, but still remains a fun, if limited diversion.
AmigaAmiga Joker
Die Grafik ist recht hübsch und rückelfrei, dafür aber etwas langsam; in Sachen Sound gibt es außer dem lästigen Motorengeräusch nur ein bißchen Sirenengeheul und Kanonendonner zu hören. Die Steuerung per Joystick und Tastatur beherrscht man innerhalb kürzester Zeit. Also keine Spitzensimulation, aber genau das Richtige für Anfänger, die einen problemlosen Einstieg ins Genre suchen.
AmigaAmiga Power
Lacking action and depth, this is one 'boat' sim that just never really gets off the ground. Even at £7.99, it's not really worth wasting time with.