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Windows version

Marin Steel
Title screen
Meteor shower
Another title screen (from a cut-scene)
Main menu
Your home planet is exploding.
Olivia Morgan
Aliens' homeworld
Olivia Morgan, Ethan Wyeth and Gideon Wyeth
Friendly alien starship
Gideon in a spaceship
Gained mastery level.
Gideon at the shooting range
Firing at an enemy starship defence turret.
One tough enemy
En route to the space station
Using surge pulse.
Friendly alien tells you what is going on.
Enemy using shield.
Ethan is injured and you'll have to help him.
Gideon inside a space station
Close combat battle
Nice trees inside the station
Sinking starship
Space station under fire
Captured enemy vehicle
Incoming enemy ships
Health terminal gives you more health points.
Two against one
Alien city under attack
An alien spaceship hits the space station.
Gideon and Olivia in an elevator
The escape capsule crashed on the planet's surface.
Space port ahead
Firing a space port's defence turret.
You have found a vehicle.
Aliens prepare for an invasion.
Driving in a tunnel.
Ethan and Gideon in a bar
Bar fight with some marines
Exploring the space station
Having drinks with your friend
A moment with your girlfriend
Face to face with an alien
Driving through the canal
Spaceship is about to crash into the planet
Station defenses are firing back
Using special powers against the aliens
Fighting aliens on the planet
Evading enemy fire

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