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Adventure Games: 5 CD-ROM Collection

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Windows 3.x

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Back of Box - DOS/Windows 3.x (United States):


    The action-packed naval drama that casts you as the captain of a nuclear ballistic submarine. The cold war is over... Your mission is to patrol deep below the Atlantic prepared to deliver your 24 Trident C-4 intercontinental ballistic missiles if called upon to do so.

    Tsunami Media Inc.

    The Orion Conspiracy

    Danny McCormack was working quietly when an explosion ripped through his research station and sent his head -- sans body -- tumbling into deep space. “Accidents” like these go repeatedly unchallenged as individuals fear recourse from a corrupt government. In this oppressive environment, a single citizen stands little chance of altering the course of human events. Buy you're about to find out what happens when one tries.

    Domark Software Inc.


    Thoughtful design and careful attention have produced a game that is just fun. A rich and detailed adventure to involve your mind, a true quest to challenge your imagination. Careful balancing and smooth game play make sure your time is spent playing.

    Sir-tech Software, Inc.

    Shadow President

    You are the President of the United States! At the controls of the most powerful nation on earth, you are armed with money, weapons, and influence. Promote human rights or drop the bomb? Will you be re-elected or assassinated? You will change the course of world history and uncover your vision of the planet and its people.

    D.C. True, Ltd.


    The Skeetch Empire has viewed Human prosperity as an invitation for conquest. Now they have the borders of Human space. With funds near depletion and constituency faith dwindling, the Human Alliance activates the PROTOSTAR DIRECTIVE -- an agenda for unlimited covert tactics.

    Time Warner Interactive

    Contributed by Patrick Bregger (143028) on Apr 30, 2010.