The Adventures of Bayou Billy Screenshots

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NES version

Title screen
Japanese title screen
The opening sequence
Fighting on the first level
Watch out for gators in the swamp!
Incoming dynamite on a shooting level
A driving level
Billy is shocked by the capture of his girl.
Annabelle cries for help.
Billy shoots a fatman in front of two frogmen
Some of the bad guys carry large rocks.
Gordon displays Annabelle as his prize.
Louis, the first true boss in the game.
Billy's jeep is attacked by a plane
A chainman and a punk at Bourbon Street.
Billy versus a dog trainer.
Gordon awaits...
Different face for Billy in the intro.
Some enemies have different palettes in the Japanese version.
Different outfit for Annabelle
The crosshair is square-shaped instead of circular.
There are trees in the grasslands and the jeep throws dynamites instead of grenades.
Streetlights at the outskirt.
Differently colored background for Richard Gordon's mansion.
Game Over
Start of drivin level