The Adventures of Bouapha: Spooky Castle Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Title screen (2004 Hammu website re-release)
Welcome to Spooky Castle! In the beginning you can only enter the tree stumps
Tutorial level
Pants of power speed up the hammers
Aquazoids lurk in the fountain
You need to move certain crates to collect the brains
The Antechamber. Nice selection of brains here!
The food containers replenish some health
Super zombies cause some serious damage
Bouapha picks up a key and needs to fight some mummies
At the cemetary
Some levels are dark mazes
The ancient evil - a boss fight
"Hammer up!" message appears when Bouapha picks up an additional hammer
Weaponless and surrounded by spiders
Egg sacs spawn small pesky spiders
Lava bath
You can see game completion percentage in save/load menu
There are several types of secondary weaponry. Here's homing missiles
The green alien boss fight
Secret level "The Chamber of Pumpkins"