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A fun game, but it can use a little more. DOS Andrew Shepard (1414)
Not classic, but not horrible either. DOS emerging_lurker (178)
Great game for 1988 but outdated by 1990 DOS gametrader (233)
For those who were around at the time, this is wonderfully nostalgic. DOS Steve Hall (352)
Horrible game? I don't think so DOS IJan (1999)
A great game considering what kind of "gaming machine" the PC was in 1988 DOS MacBertie (5)
A truly horrible game. DOS Tomer Gabel (4642)
For once, I agree with Tomer Gabel! DOS Late (97)

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Platform Votes Score
DOS 31 3.3
NES 13 2.2
Combined User Score 44 3.0

Critic Reviews

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75 (Nov, 2012)
A Color Dreams game named The Adventures of Captain Comic couldn’t, and shouldn’t, feel like anything less than a warning sign: abandon hope, all ye who play. Why would anyone want to play as a redneck in a spacesuit named Captain Comic? Looking at that lazily drawn cover fills me with vehement rage. Yet the game succeeds because Color Dreams had nothing to do with the development. All credit goes to Michael Denio, who developed the entire game by himself. Still, Captain Comic might be the best thing Color Dreams ever produced: solid controls, well-orchestrated 8-bit renditions of famous classical pieces, and challenging platforming gameplay.
NESPower Play (Nov, 1990)
Frage: Was kann ein waschechter "Held der Galaxien"? Antwort: In zwei Richtungen laufen, hüpfen und mit einer lächerlichen Kartoffelpistole bunte Wattekügelchen verschießen. Den Eindruck gewann ich zumindest nach einigen Spielstunden. Der Captain selbst sieht ziemlich mickrig aus, die Hintergrundgrafik ist meist recht bieder und die verschiedenen Musikstücke laden eher zu einem Nickerchen, als zu wilder Schatz- und Monsterhatz ein. Trotzdem: In Sachen Spielbarkeit läßt der pummlige Captain so manchen Ninja stehen. Witzig ist auch die Spielanleitung: Im Spiel selber ist weniger Originellität zu finden.
If the controls were crisper and Captain Comic himself were more versatile in his maneuverability and directional shooting, the game would rise above the middle of the pack.
Combine lousy gameplay and poorly drawn characters with average backgrounds and a theme that is sorely lacking power-ups and bosses and you get a nice first try from Color Dreams. I expected more and hope they do better with their next game.
Ohne EGA-Grafikkarte bekommen Sie das nette Actionspiel allerdings nicht zum Laufen.