The Adventures of Willy Beamish Screenshots

User Screenshots

Amiga version

Title screen
Introduction - annual assembly
Introduction - all started in the audience...
Introduction - dreams of Nintari Championships
Willy's concerned about his report card.
Willy's going to the nurse.
At the nurse
Carmine - your school colleague.
School's hall
Meeting with Spider in the toilet.
One of many game over's - Willy's going to the cadet's school.
Willy's neighbourhood.
Doorstep of Willy's house.
Little sister wanna play...
First floor hall
Tifanny's room.
Brianna's room
Living room
Dining room.
Willy's room.
Feeding your little sister...
... and your dog.
Dad's making an appointment.
Treetop house
Pizza restaurant
Picture of you and your friends.
Spider's got onto you...
Answering machine has some useful information and tips.
In the park practicing frog jumping.
Olde Town - general overview
Olde Town
T-Shirt's stand in the Olde Town.
Behind sofa fighting the vampire nanny.
Your mother's angry on Tifanny.
A little prank made to you sister...
Frog's competition place.
Overview on Frampton's industrial part.
A pub.

DOS version

Title Screen
Title Screen (CD version)
Headmaster Mr. Frick giving a motivational talk
Everyone gets excited
Willy dreaming the Nintari Championships
Last day of classes at Carbuncle
Inside Willy's desk
At last school's history!
Willy's neighborhood
In front of Willy's house
The answering machine is always fun to listen to.
Willy slicing carrots with carbon steel 'Jinsu' knife
Willy's room - no sisters!
Brianna's room
Tiffany's room - want to play with the scale?
Living room - ghost grandpa Beamish's portrait is on the fireplace
Eating lunch with whole family
You can watch lots of commercials like this on TV in this game.
The bad guys
Willy lawning backyard
You can buy a slam dunk cola for one buck
Willy's father Gordon looking for a job
Tree house
Frog Love
Eating pizza
Downtown (well sort of) - Look at the sign: Dyna mix
Some horror icons have cameos here...
Your sister
Why you're my sis' ?
That's you call holiday ?
Main Menu 1
Main Menu 2
Start Game
Title screen (EGA)
In trouble at school (EGA)
Don't forget to walk the dog... (EGA)
Gordon has a job interview... (EGA)
Hanging out in the tree house. (EGA)
Sneaking through a mansion. (EGA)
Oops, Willy is caught! (EGA)
It seems that nowadays even boys of Willy's age are horny for sexy nurses...
To be honest, from the first time playing this game (around 1992) I completely didn't mind having Willy do his chores - hey, it's him doing it, not me!
Willy's console game is not exactly a clever one...
The Tootsweet commercial on TV
Making friends with the Japanese tourists
Willy's new friends drive him home
The plumbers union (with another lady with "big blue eyes") ;)
The frog jumping competition
Entrance to the evil mansion
The villains would be happy to kill Willy and his father with cold blood... fortunately, all the frogs are now on Willy's side.

SEGA CD version

Developer animation
Title screen
In the classroom.
Pause animation
Out of the class
Conversation with coach.
Doing some push ups.
Meeting the principal.
Game over at the military school.
The teacher.