Aero Fighters 3 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Arcade version

Title Screen.
Player Select.
Stage 1.
Blast the planes.
A building appearing.
In smart-bomb mode.
Red plane has a power-up.
There's a power-up.
The level has been destroyed.
End of stage boss appears.
Trying to destroy the boss.
Destroyed him.
Stage 2.
Flying over the desert.
Planes and ground defences.
Stage boss.
Keep blasting him.
Another boss destroyed.
Another put down.
Stage 3.
Collecting power-ups.
Stage 4 over London.
Boss is a rocket.
Rocket splitting.

Neo Geo version

Title screen
Intro - Plane over the city
Intro - Airstrip
Intro - Two airplanes
Intro - Attack
Intro - Old aircraft
Plane selection
Plane selection for 2 players
Giant Tokyo Tower robot
First stage boss
Desert stage
Desert stage boss
Sea stage