Aero the Acro-Bat 2 Screenshots

User Screenshots

Genesis version

Collecting stars to fire at enemies
Jumping on beds to access higher platforms
Slowly moving ahead, avoiding the pesky snails
Saving point
Completed a level
A turning wheel
Continue or exit?
Outta da way, fatso!
Death animation is quite different in Genesis version
A mini-game. Ektor will quickly switch cups, and you should guess under which one is the prize
Password selection screen
Wow, how sexy!
In a deep, dark dungeon...
Be careful, snow ball!
Disco level
LPs build a ladder that allow you to access higher platforms
Dramatic conversation
Side-scrolling train level begins...
View on Dr. Dis' factory
This level looks differently in Genesis version. Note the purple backgrounds
That's it, hero! Get ready!
The way to the fortress
The maniacal Dr. Dis cannot calm down
Main menu

SNES version

Reminiscences from the first game
Jumping on the bed
Level with leaves and fallen trees
This pesky snail, or whatever it is, awaits me above
Yummie, so many tasty things at once!
This pole is a waypoint. If you die, you start again from here
Swinging Aero
Completing a level
Get outta here, fatso! ;)
The plot thickens... before infiltrating Dr. Dis' factory
Snowboard level
Password screen
This is your boss. Nice chap, ain't he?
Disco level. Notes everywhere
When LPs replace platforms, you know you are in trouble
Oooohhh... squirrels also have their damsels in distress
Dr. Dis' factory. Something is not right here...
Certo, ragazzo! Che hai pensato?..
Train side-scrolling level
When I get to that there cannon, I'll show ya!
Cut scene, view on the fortress
Beautiful level. Aero is standing still in awe
Aero is thrown into a dungeon. What to do now?

Official Screenshots

  • Aero the Acro-Bat 2 Screenshot
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  • Aero the Acro-Bat 2 Screenshot
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