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Game Boy Advance

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A badly conceived Sonic clone Genesis AkibaTechno (228)

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Game Boy Advance 2 5.0
Genesis 11 3.1
SNES 6 4.1
Wii 1 5.0
Combined User Score 20 3.7

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GenesisPower Unlimited
Platformspel dat zich afspeelt in een circus. Hoort thuis in het rijtje: Mario, Sonic en Bubsy. Grote klasse dus. Goed geanimeerd, gelikte graphics, afwisselend en creatief. Het enige nadeel is dat de levels zo groot zijn.
GenesisConsoles Plus
Une réalisation parfaite servie par une animation sans faille. Le tout dans des niveaux très variés et plutôt corsés.
GenesisGamePro (US)
Aero's another one of those jump-a-lot company mascots, be he won't drive you batty. This bat's got more tricks up his sleeve than a sideshow magician. Tow wins up for Aero!
SNESGamePro (US)
It's big fun under the big top with Aero the Acro-Bat, a bodacious, high-flying bat in an above-average platform product. Sunsoft converted the Genesis version to the SNES, enhancing the graphics and sound, and adding a mod Mode 7 bonus stage.
SNESSuper Play Magazine UK
The graphics are very simple but very effective, with some lovely touches. Aero's buggy eyes when he dies are worth watching out for, as are many of the well animated mobile baddies. The graphics improve vastly the further into the game you get, with such levels as the roller-coaster and the woods looking very nice indeed. Overall verdict: A strange one, but once you give it a chance you'll be hooked. Aero handles well and you'll learn to live with the tricky, but cavernous, early levels. What puts it in the "very good" league is its sheer size and variety. Just when you're bored with a game-type, it's gone and there's something new there.
GenesisASM (Aktueller Software Markt)
Die Umsetzung geht voll in Ordnung: Grafik und Sound sind einwandfrei, und wie im Original gibt es den leicht verrückten und gewöhnungsbedürftigen Angriffsmodus, bei dem Aero in der Luft zum Bohren ansetzt. Durch diese Technik kann man nicht nur Feinden ans Leder, sondern auch die Sprungdistanz etwas verlängern. Unterm Strich bleibt ein sehr professionelles, aber schwieriges Jump‘n‘Run.
SNESASM (Aktueller Software Markt)
Um alle Plattformen zu erreichen, müssen unter anderem Teleporter, Trampoline und Kanonen benutzt werden. Letztere müssen in die richtige Position gebracht werden, und auch die Abschußgeschwindigkeit will gut gewählt sein, damit unser Held nicht gegen das nächste Hindernis knallt. Die Aufgaben, die in den Levels gelöst werden müssen, sind vielfältig: Zum Beispiel gilt es eine bestimmte Anzahl von Sternenplattformen zu besuchen, und Freunde von Aero zu befreien. Auch die beliebten Geheimräume, in denen es von Belohnungen nur so wimmelt, fehlen nicht.
SNESElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)
It's very difficult to come into the market with a great platform game, but Sunsoft's Aero is a rare gem. This has some of the most impressive graphics I've seen. The near-perfect calliope music really sets the tone of the game and get you into it as well. There are tons of out-of-the-way areas to get to and find. The gameplay is very good and responsive with his double-jump-spin attack. I dig this game!
Game Boy AdvanceDS-x2
Aero The Acrobat is undoubtedly one of the better platformers to appear on the GBA where, let's face it, there are plenty to choose from. The difference with Aero though is that, while on the surface it appears like any other run of the mill platformer, once you've spent even a little time with it you'll discover some truly engaging gameplay which always feels completely open thanks to the overall design. It can get a little frustrating at times due to some awkwardly placed spikes and the odd leap of faith that almost always spells certain doom but if you're a tired of your average platforming fodder then Aero the Acrobat could be just what you're looking for.
Game Boy AdvanceGameZone
Aero the Acrobat proves to be one of the better platformers released for the Game Boy Advanced. It has solid controls, good graphics, and most importantly it is a blast to play. Even though the game is on the easy side, it still has enough challenge to keep the players coming back for more. This is a great game that any person would be proud to own in there expanding collection!
Aero est un héros sympathique et original, son aspect et celui de certains ennemis (les tout petits clowns entre autres) est réussi, c'est son atout principal, mais il lui manque quelque chose. Il ressemble plus aux jeux de plates-formes Ocean, c'est à dire européens, que japonais, ce qui de toute évidence n'était pas le but. Les niveaux ont cette construction en tableau que vous devez parcourir de long en large, c'est comme une longue course d'obstacle, sans grande variété, ni surprise, et ce n'est pas ce qui fait le charme des jeux de plates-formes 16-bit.
Game Boy AdvanceIGN
The game even features the famous Mode 7 high dive bonus level, which really makes you wish Nintendo would get up off their duff and make Pilotwings for the system. The level isn't anything more than the parachuting freefall from Nintendo's SNES flight simulator, but it's still a bit of fun that shakes up the action between levels, and looks pretty impressive on the Game Boy Advance screen as well.
SNESGame Players
Sunsoft's mascot character is a daredevil bat who performs amazing feats while fighting off foes in the Big Top. Great graphics and animation are the highlight.
GenesisGame Players
Sunsoft's mascot character is a daredevil bat who performs amazing feats while fighting off foes in the Big Top. Great graphics and animation are the highlight.
GenesisElectronic Gaming Monthly (EGM)
The absence of the excellent music found on the Super NES version is a drawback. The levels are huge and challenging.
Game Boy AdvanceGameSpy
Gamers looking for a fun little platformer to pass the time with shouldn't overlook Aero the Acrobat: Rascal Rival Revenge. Although the first few levels may seem somewhat pointless, the game later spawns into a fairly diverse platforming experience. Nice graphics and a spiced-up circus soundtrack help to round out this solid handheld title.
GenesisSega Force
Trots likheterna med Sonic finns det mycket som gör Aero the acro-bat intressant. För plattformsälskare (som jag) är det ett av de bättre köpen, trots vissa svagheter. But who can beat Sonic, no matter how hard they try?
Game Boy AdvanceGamePro (US)
Aero features some sharp animation and bright backgrounds, all of which show up well on the GBA screen. The music is appropriately whimsical, though the sound effects are sparse. Your objectives, from collecting keys and jumping through hoops to riding roller coasters, keep the game interesting, and Aero has a good repertoire of attacks and abilities. Aero does provide a fun ride, albeit one you’ve taken many times before.
Aero the Acrobat is a good platform game. It’s worth buying on the cheap, but there are several better platformers available for the Genesis.
SNESGame Freaks 365
I'm not disappointed that I missed Aero back in the early 90's. The game's concept is good and all, but I want to be able to attack more often, and have the option to tone down the difficulty. This is a solid, colorful, platformer, but it by no means will knock off Mario or Sonic, as you can already tell.
GenesisGame Freaks 365
I'm not disappointed that I missed Aero back in the early 90s. The game's concept is good and all, but I want to be able to attack more often, and have the option to tone down the difficulty. This is a solid, colorful, platformer, but it by no means will knock off Mario or Sonic, as you can already tell.
WiiNintendo Life
Overall, the game is a slightly above average early 90's platformer, and although the presentation is quite entertaining, the gameplay will prove frustrating to most people. Unless you'd like to play all of Sunsoft's games, there's no real reason to get this, especially when its sequel, which is also coming to Virtual Console very soon, improved on a lot of things and is considered the better game for it.
GenesisAll Game Guide
If you're a fan of action/platforming and are looking for another mascot based game (in all honesty, Aero is one cool mascot animal) that will have you playing for weeks, give Aero the Acrobat a try.
Game Boy AdvanceComputer and Video Games (CVG)
The GBA is hardly in need of another platformer, especially when it's been ported from an ancient 16-bit game. Lead Aero across circus-themed levels and obstacles such as cannons, trampolines, high wires and hoops of fire. It's not exactly terrible, but you've seen this kind of thing many times before. Unless you're strangely fond of circus folk, you'd do far better with one of the Mario Advance games.
WiiDefunct Games
Despite my lukewarm reviews, I have nothing against the Aero the Acro-bat franchise. This is a perfectly acceptable 2D platformer. Ultimately I didn't have that much fun going from level to level. It's not a bad game, but I say pass and wait for Zero the Kamikaze Squirrel.
Game Boy AdvanceGameSpot
Aero the Acrobat is a cut-and-dried platformer that was originally released on the SNES and Genesis back in 1993. If you don't remember the original, you're not alone, since the game didn't make much of a splash when it was first released. So it seems a little odd that Metro 3D would pick such a game to port to the Game Boy Advance. Little seems to have been lost in the translation, but then again, it was a mediocre game to begin with.
Overall, Aero the Acrobat is not very good. This is a title that was made in the heyday of companies wanting a mascot to make a quick buck. The controls all but kill this game, as well as some of the weird game play and level design choices.
GenesisThe Video Game Critic
Aero's controls are erratic. Mid-air "dashes" allow you to defeat enemies much like Sonic's spin. However, while you can direct you in-air dashing diagonally up or down, Aero often heads in the wrong direction - and usually at the worst time! The stage designs are uneven as well, exemplified by a lot of "holes" in the walls you can only discover through trial and error. Cheap hits abound as some enemies appear from out of nowhere. Aero the Acrobat is extremely difficult, and there's no password feature. When you choose to continue, you have to return to Act 1, even if you've progressed several acts into a stage. It's not awful, but extended play with Aero the Acrobat helps you realize why you love Sonic so much.