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Game Boy Advance version

License screen
Title screen
Japanese title screen
Mission description
You can jump...
Climb ladders...
Found a star platform!
Shoot some evil mini clowns.
Jump higher trough trampolines.
You can move this cannon to fit your needs.
Go inside the cannon.
Blast off the cannon.
Complete an act and get some points.
Use the unicycle to get rid of those tiny clowns.
Balance on wire rope.
If we only got the key to free our friend.
After loosing all lives, we can continue or quit the game.

Genesis version

Title screen
Main menu
The Genesis version tells you your objective at the beginning of each level
Near a save point
Collecting goodies
Some food
Act 2
Go away! (And Aero smashes enemies)
On the ladder
Too many foods!
Act completed
Deadly carousel
On rail
Night level

SNES version

Title screen
Starting a level
Try not to step on those traps
Facing an enemy. You can kill him by throwing stars, in case you have any, or you can just jump over him
This fatso is hanging above with the sole purpose: to prevent you from collecting nice things by jumping through this ring
Adjust the canon, get inside, and fire yourself up in order to access other levels and collect items!
You can have bonus points by jumping right through the middle of the ring, avoiding the fire

Official Screenshots

  • Aero the Acro-Bat Screenshot
    Nintendo eShop - Wii
  • Aero the Acro-Bat Screenshot
    Nintendo eShop - Wii