Age of Adventure Screenshots

User Screenshots

Atari 8-bit version

Ali Baba Title Screen
Staring area in Ali Baba
Being Attacked by a beast
Return of Heracles intro
Return of Heracles start screen
Exploring a vast area

Commodore 64 version

Ali Baba - Title
Ali Baba - You start in your home
Ali Baba - The game shows you what objects there are in each room
Ali Baba - Ali Baba does battle with Malik
Ali Baba - You missed. Ha!
Ali Baba - Reading a rune
Ali Baba - Your statistics
Ali Baba - You bastard!
Ali Baba - Foothills Cemetery. There are three zombies and a treasure chest
Ali Baba - The forest
Ali Baba - We're in the money
Ali Baba - Entered a shop
Ali Baba - Struck at empty space
Ali Baba - Up a tree
Ali Baba - Thieves' Cave
Heracles - Title
Heracles - Options
Heracles - The start of the instructions
Heracles - Mount Pelion
Heracles - Northern Greece
Heracles - Iolcus
Heracles - South Greek Mainland
Heracles - Oracle of Delphi