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Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome (Windows)

Age of Empires: The Rise of Rome Screenshots

Windows version

Title screen
Presenting the five new units: Fire Galley, Scythe Chariot, Slinger, Camel Rider and Armored Elephant
The new building style, Bronze Age
Same bit as before, Iron Age
Linux fans can be happy, still no gates in this game (sorry)
While he might be Egyptian, that priest has a slim chance of surviving, as he's facing a Macedonian.
What is said to be the wonder of all wonders: The Coliseum
Cheating around in this game; A tiny mecha, a baby in a trike and a priest who instead of converting summons a bolt of lightening on his foes. And the hawks were eaten by that huge dragon.
For Rome!
Ancient warfare was brutal.
A trial campaign: a roman village
Player is a filthy cheater: he's preforming now a "slinger rush", while there aren't enough resources to create so many slingers.
Nice Carthaginian city.
Scenario editor will let you create your own missions and campaigns.