Age of Wonders Screenshots (Windows)

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Windows version

Introduction sequence
Main title / main menu.
Choose your campaign
Scenario configuration screen
Character Creation (Campaign) - Enter name and portrait.
Character Creation (Campaign) - Skill distribution.
Another view of the map
Research book (reminds you of something?)
There are several types of battlegrounds
Exploring the caves under the pressure to find the exit on time.
A small step for me, but big for the halflings.
A dense forest equals time consuming movement.
Each unit comes not only with detailed statistics, but also a description.
New turn
Campaign map
Naval battles are modest due to one-ship-per-hex limit.
Briefing for campaign mission (for Cult of Storms side).
Various units ready to be recruited in a level 3 town. Note you can also order an expulsion and settle own race...
For a 1999 game it supports fairly high screen resolutions: here's 1600x1200.
Frostlings prefer colder climate. Note customizable interface - info windows are closed.
Most interface windows have built-in help descriptions.
Last patch fixes AI so that if you manage to destroy wall-breaching units, the enemy will have no choice but to lift the siege.