Ah Diddums Screenshots

User Screenshots

Commodore 64 version

Title Screen
Lets get to the baby
Making a ladder
Next box

ZX Spectrum version

Load screen
Ted is drawn quite well and moves well too. The box in the lower right is Jack who does not move. The little pink thing on the left is a soldier who goes up and down, ant contact here is fatal
Ted has picked up a pea shooter and has fired it
I've filled in all the bricks but still cannot escape the toy box, they must be in the wrong order
Loading Screen.
Box 1 - Start!
Box 1 - If you kill all the enemies, a mighty indestructible plasticine is born to avenge its brothers.
Box 1 - The mighty indestructible plasticine absorbs every kind of weaponry you try to throw at it. No more ball, puzzow.
Box 1 - No, you're not trying to understand which sex you have, you were just reciprocally shredded by the last enemy. The genesis of the mighty indestructible plasticine. Great privilege to watch.
Box 1 - At first Ted thought Jack in the Box was an accomplice of the nasties (the same you see in Poltervice), but he proved to be a sub-zero cousin freezing temporarily the nasties.
Frontier between Box 1 and Box 2. Space time quantum image.
Box 2 - After many attempts cursing this ludum non gratum (notice the user's subtle allusion to "persona non grata") I finally managed to grab the game by its ears (notice the use...
Box 3 - Hiii!
Box 4 - (intoning Hii!) Kiss my a... (aham, is it my impression or there's a locomotive in the right upper corner? Right there, yes, up. Yes up, right, north-eastwards, take a look, see it?...)
Box 4 - Oh no! The locomotive will destroy the work of my life! Stacking Steps!!
Box 5 - many tin soldiers, a locomotive, something like a squid or a flying womb, or a fed tick waiting to burst on everyone's face, or a... (ENOUGH!)
Box 5 - Double 'O' Seven in: Nasties with French fries. Two nasties down simultaneously. Puzzowww!!
Box 6 - "Nasties with mozzarella". Coming soon on a theatre next to you!
Box 6 - This screen looks almost exactly like previous, but take a detailed look at the boot... It's... Boooot Throwingggg Tiiime!!! Yeah, puzzow, puzzow pow!
Box 7 - Dunno what to say any more except that this game has 99 levels.
Box 8 - So, there's a new toy in da 'hood. Could iit be one of those Masters of the multiverse? It's... it's... the... She-man! (this was transcribed from Ted's diary)
Box 8 - Playing Basketball with a tin soldier... hey! Hey!! You sir don't think that by exploding yourself you'll manage to escape playing with me!!
Box 8 - Every step was placed. But that's not enough. You have to be patient and submit it a thousand times until its properly validated... ordered. Any allusion to anything is purely coincidental.
Box 9 - Run Ted, run!! Hey is it a Chaos minion, the second new toy on da 'hood?
Box 10 - Ah Diddums finally starts to become difficult. Just more 89 boxes to go, now Imagine that!! (got it? got it? so clever this guy...)