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Genesis 10 3.8
TurboGrafx-16 7 3.5
Combined User Score 17 3.6

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TurboGrafx-16Génération 4 (Jan, 1991)
Je l'ai dit et je le redis, le plus beau et le plus dur des jeux de ce genre !
TurboGrafx-16Tilt (Jan, 1991)
Aero Blaster est un programme époustouflant. Beaux graphismes, animation très rapide, scrollings différentiels, originalité ; que demander de plus ?
TurboGrafx-16Electronic Gaming Monthly (EGM) (Jan, 1991)
Another side-scrolling shooter for the Turbo that comes off as a bit more challenging than most, with a decent array of weaponry and a cool plot progression. You get lots to shoot at, and while it doesn't come close to Blazing Lazers, it is one of the better blast-a-thons I've seen lately.
TurboGrafx-16Video Games (Mar, 1991)
Actionfans werden den Hudson-Entwicklern gerührt um den Hals fallen wollen: „Aero Blasters“ ist technisch äußerst beeindruckend. In farbenprächtiger Umgebung tummeln sich eimerweise wild ballernde Sprites, der Bildschirm scrollt parallax in alle Richtungen, und die imposant großen End- und Mittelgegner verblüffen durch recht ausgefallene Kampftaktiken. Selbst der pedantischste Spieler sucht lästiges Ruckeln und störendes Sprite-Geflacker vergeblich. Das vollständige Fehlen von unfairen Stellen und hektischem Sprite-Wirrwarr bucht weiterhin kräftig Pluspunkte auf Aero Blasters dickes Spielbarkeitskonto. Abgerundet wird das Prachtmodul durch den Zwei-Spieler-Modus, der den Ballerspaß und auch die Überlebenschancen nahezu verdoppelt.
TurboGrafx-16TurboPlay (Dec, 1990)
Aero Blasters is a fun game that we recommend if you enjoy space-killer games. The two-player-in-tandem feature is really fun (though it always seems one player gets killed far more than the other, and uses up all of the lives!) Hopefully we'll see W-Ring here next year which is an even better game. But for now you'll probably want to play Aero Blasters.
GenesisJoystick (French) (Apr, 1991)
Aero Blaster est tout de même un excellent Shoot'Em Up très au dessus du niveau moyen des jeux de ce style sur Megadrive, et comme en prime on peut y jouer à deux en même temps, chacun dirigeant alors son propre vaisseau, pourquoi se gêner ?
This conversion of the little-known coin-op pits one or two players against the forces of a brutal alien empire. Aeroblasters is mainly standard stuff, but there are a few new features, such as the megafast tunnel sequence. Unfortunately it's a tad easy, so it's best for greenhorn gun-lovers.
GenesisPower Play (May, 1991)
Technisch ist die Sega-Version von “Aero Blasters“ ebenso auf der Höhe wie das hervorragende Engine-Vorbild. Parallax-Scrolling und flimmerfreie Sprite-Horden lassen das Herz jedes Actionfans höher schlagen.
GenesisMean Machines (Mar, 1991)
Why oh why are Sega insisting on flooding the market with scrolling shoot 'em ups? Aeroblasters must be the fifth (maybe the sixth) we've seen this month! On the plus side, it's is a close conversion of the relatively unknown coin-op with great sprites, interesting backdrops and great simultaneous two-player laughs. It certainly kept the Mean Machines team occupied for a while, but it wasn't long before we were all going back to Gynoug for our shoot 'em up thrills. Hellfire and Gynoug are probably the best blasters to go for, but two-player action addicts should have a butcher's at this.
80 (Oct 02, 2006)
Air Buster is one of those good shmups that can be played over and over. It's challenging, fun, and just simple. While the majority of shmups that came out in the early 1990s were mostly average, Air Buster has stood for the test of time for being a great port of a great arcade game. Most gamers will remember the Turbografx-16 port of Aero Blasters more fondly than the Genesis version, but in the end they're mostly the same game. If you need some more shmup love after Lightening Force or Fire Shark, give Air Buster a shot; its excellent!
TurboGrafx-16Power Play (Jan, 1991)
Auf den ersten Blick unterscheidet sich der Horizontal-Scroller mit dem biederen Namen „Aero Blasters‘ durch nichts von den zahlreichen Konkurrenzballereien. Hat man das Pad jedoch erst einmal in die Hand genommen und dem Mitstreiter einen Platz angeboten, beginnt die PC-Engine förmlich zu kochen - Dank Hudson tummeln Raumjäger und Fire-and-Forget.Raketen in gewaltigen Mengen auf dem Bildschirm. scrollt der hübsche Hintergrund in mehreren Ebenen und alle Richtungen; teils wird‘s so schnell, daß das geübte Auge kaum noch mitkommt. Da auch am Playtesting und an den Ideen nicht geknausert wurde, Flexibilität und kühler Kopf des Spielers voll gefordert werden. gehört Aero Blasters zum Besten, was in diesem Jahr an Action aufs Modul gebannt wurde.
In the final analysis Aero-Blasters just about comes up to scratch. It plays well, the action's fast and sound's good. But if you're looking for a new twist on the genre or the ultimate shoot-'em-up challenge then you'd best look elsewhere.
TurboGrafx-16ASM (Aktueller Software Markt) (Jan, 1991)
Die einzigen denkbaren Mängel bei Aero Blaster sind, daß man es a) relativ flott durchgespielt haben wird, und b) daß man beim kleinsten Fehler die gesamte Ausrüstung des Raumers verliert. Technisch ist das Game Spitze. Wer auf Spiele dieser Art steht, ist mit dem Blaster gut bedient!
GenesisThe Video Game Critic (Nov 20, 2010)
On the surface the Genesis version seems to have the edge, but my friend Chris insists the Turbografx edition has cleaner visuals and better playability. Whatever the case, both will satisfy your urge for some arcade shooting fun.
GenesisRaze (May, 1991)
Some quite nimble navigating will be needed on parts of the game as the caverns you are flying through narrow to little higher than your plane. Of course, in such sticky situations, there's no hope of let up in the enemy's attack. The two-player option adds a much-needed dimension to this shoot-'em-up which is bog standard in one-player mode.
Allen Unkenrufen zum Trotz ist die Sega-Fassung gelungen. Ein spielbares, actionreiches und nicht zu einfaches Spiel mit Menükomfort, guter Grafik, gutem Sound und eigentlich allem,was dazu gehört. Einziges echtes Manko: Ich spielte es noch innerhalb der Testphase durch, Sechs Levels sind nunmal nicht genug!
TurboGrafx-16The Video Game Critic (Feb 16, 2002)
You can get better shooters for your Turbografx, but this one isn't too shabby, especially since two people can play cooperatively. One button is used for rapid-fire, and the second functions as a weak smart bomb. Some enemy explosions produce several power-ups, which you attempt to grab before they can fall off of the screen. Perhaps the most useful item is the "skis", which let you whiz through narrow tunnels without having to worry about hitting the walls. One strange thing I noticed about Aero Blasters is that it's really hard to tell when you die. Once hit, your ship starts smoking and slowly falls off the screen. My friend Shawn astutely referred to it as the "longest death sequence ever seen in a shooter". The same thing happens with some of the larger enemies. Aero Blasters would probably rate higher on most systems, but on a system known for it's shooters, this is fairly routine stuff.
TurboGrafx-16Defunct Games (Jan 20, 2008)
Whether it's because of its difficulty or just because the game offers little new to the shooter genre, Aero Blasters gets boring quickly. If you've tackled every other shooter out there and are looking for something that'll make you sweat, you might want to take a look at Aero Blasters. But if you just want a good shooter, then you can do better.
ArcadeSinclair User (May, 1990)
Not crap - but there are better game around of a similar type.
ArcadePower Play (Mar, 1990)
Horizontal scrollendes Ballerspiel ohne sonderlichen Vorzüge.
GenesisSEGA-Mag (Objectif-SEGA) (Jan, 2011)
Son seul point fort restera finalement son mode deux joueurs en coopératif. Pour moi un shoot them up doit être nerveux, hyper maniable, créatif, difficile, avec une bande son de qualité et surtout fun. Là impossible de décerner un de ces qualificatifs à Aero Blasters, pourtant plus abouti que certaines daubes de l'époque, mais mon dieu qu'est ce qu'on s'ennuie avec ce jeu...